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Proxy Instructions

Blessings, Grace and Joy to you!
Here are the instructions for the Proxy Program.

NOTE: What follows is a list of suggestions for thing you might want to "do" during the Proxy. But PLEASE remember, there is really nothing you need to do. This is all Grace - a pure gift. Sit back and relax and receive. You cannot really do anything to help or to resist this process. The more helpless you are (not trying to do anything to awaken yourself), the better!

Times to Receive the Oneness Blessings: When should you tune in? According to the principles of quantum physics anytime you tune in, the Oneness Deeksha Blessing energy will be there for you, waiting at the door to flood you!
I recommend 6am, 12pm, 6pm & 12am, or whichever of those times you can do it. You do NOT have to do it all 4 times. You can receive ANYTIME you find a few minutes to tune in.
How to Receive these Oneness Blessings Most Effectively: The most powerful way to receive the Oneness Blessings I will be sending you would be to follow the instructions for receiving the Oneness Benediction Flowing from the Srimurthi click here.
I suggest that you go to the Meditation Room click here and play your favorite version of the Moola Mantra while you are receiving the Oneness Benediction & Proxy Deekshas. If you would like to learn more about the Moola Mantra and its meaning click here.
At other times or in preparation to receive the Oneness Deeksha Blessing you could practice Chakra Dhyana (Chakra Meditation). It would be an excellent thing to do, once a day is enough, throughout the Proxy Program, if you feel like it. It is NOT REQUIRED. In fact, you do not need to do ANYTHING at all! Just relax and receive and watch the miracle of Oneness at work in your life! If you do not have the CD (available at and you want to practice Chakra Dhyana, click here for instructions.
Work On Setting Your Relationships Right Really the only thing you can "do" to cooperate with the Grace of Awakening is to work on setting your relationships right. Forgive and pray for forgiveness. Let go. Reach out. Do what your heart tells you, so it can flower. Let Grace bring healing to your relationships. To help you do that, if you want you can use Arthur Collins Forgiveness Meditation Click here

"Be" in Gratitude!!! Just be in Gratitude, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride! When you feel stuck, begin to feel and express gratitude for what you have already received, and the Divine Presence will begin to give you more.

Email us and share your experiences so we can share them with the group. We will omit your name unless you give us permission to use it.
One last thing - ENJOY!!! Take time to explore the articles and videos on our website. If you want to read someting great, get Arjuna Ardagh's new book & 4 DVD set, both named Awakening Into Oneness. The book can be purchased at The DVD set is available through Kosmic Music at:

I look forward to hearing about your experiences. Have a wonderful time!

Love and Light,
In Oneness,
At the Feet of the Divine!

Rev. Dr. Michael Milner
"The highest of states is the state of seva (selfless service offered to the divine). The spirit of seva is in-built into every insight, realization, mystical experience and mukti (liberation, freedom). It is the spirit that drives you to share with the world what has been given to you." Amma