Instructions for

Receiving the Oneness Benediction

(Adapted from instructions given

by the Guides of the Oneness University)

Please read the special note at the end*

The Oneness Benediction is a powerful blessing that flows from the Srimurthi, a special portrait of Amma and Bhagavan which they have infused with their Divine Consciousness and Presence. Sri Amma Bhagavan did the first ‘Avahanam’ (the process of impregnating an image or a form with divine consciousness) to their Srimurthi nearly 15 years ago when this movement had taken birth. Since then, Sri Amma Bhagavan have done ‘Avahanam’ to their Srimurthi, a second time, to transfer a powerful benediction to people that will awaken them to Oneness

In accordance with their divine will, those who have received Oneness Blessing (Oneness Deeksha) at least once may pray and gently touch the Srimurthi either at the feet or hands of Sri Amma Bhagavan and ask for the ‘Oneness Benediction.’ In most cases the benediction is experienced as powerful electric shocks that almost knock down the person or as strong vibrations flowing through the body. The benediction could also be experienced in several other ways like a physical Oneness Deeksha process (much the same as what is generally felt after receiving a strong Oneness Deeksha). In almost all the cases so far, receiving the ‘Oneness Benediction’ from Sri Amma Bhagavan has immediately produced a shift in consciousness culminating in an altered state that is more or less permanent. Other results include mystical insights and a continuous ongoing Oneness Deeksha process within that awakens them to higher levels of Love and Joy.

This divine benediction could be received directly from Sri Amma Bhagavan daily, in your own homes. The benediction could ideally be taken four times a day i.e. 6.00 a.m., 12.00 noon, 6.00 p.m. and 12.00 midnight. The reason behind setting these times is that when many people pray and receive the benediction at the same time, in their respective countries, the benediction comes forth very powerfully, since it becomes like a collective phenomenon that is happening at that time. This will also profoundly affect the consciousness levels of people worldwide in a big way. The powerful effects of receiving the ‘Oneness Benediction’ at the same time is clearly seen in the case of many Oneness Deeksha givers in India and abroad already. In case of being unable to receive the benediction all four times a day, please join whenever possible; at least two times a day.

At these times of the day, you could sit before the portrait of Sri Amma Bhagavan and invoke their divine presence. Having invoked their presence, you could develop a personal communion with them in your hearts and ask Sri Amma Bhagavan to give you the Oneness Benediction and awaken you to Oneness. In case you are experiencing some emotional disturbances some day owing to the charge in your emotions, you could pray that the charge in the emotion be removed and that you are awakened to Oneness.

Having prayed thus, gently touch the feet or the hands of Sri Amma Bhagavan and wait for some time with your hands on the Srimurthi for the benediction to flow through (about a minute or more). You could first touch Sri Amma and then move on to touch Sri Bhagavan or vice-versa or you could choose to place your hands on both of their feet/hands simultaneously; please follow whatever comes to you naturally. Having received the benediction thus, you could thank Sri Amma Bhagavan and if possible move into shavasan and relax for some time
(that is, lay on the floor on your back, eyes closed with your arms at your sides, palms facing skyward). This benediction would come forth from all the portraits of Sri Amma Bhagavan, including the Sri Amma Bhagavan medallions/pendants.


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*SPECIAL NOTE: Let me make it clear that you do not need to participate in the Oneness Benediction to receive Divine Grace. If you feel uncomfortable with this ritual, you can use any sacred picture or icon or symbol of whatever form of the Divine you are comfortable with: for instance, a set of Padukas (which is the preferred method now), a picture of Christ or some other Embodiment of the Divine, the Sacred Scriptures or Sutras of your own Tradition or a candle or any spiritual symbol you like, or no symbol at all for that matter. Just set aside a time to be still, ask for and receive the energies of Oneness with gratitude to the Divine, enter into silence and rest for a few minutes. The Presence will be there for you to meet you at the time and in the way that is just right for you.


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