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Guides of the Oneness University with Sri Amma & Sri Bhagavan

From: Rev. Dr. Michael Milner
Sent: Fri, January 29, 2010 10:27:41 PM
Subject: Oneness News from the Golden City







Beloved Oneness Family,


Suzanne & I just returned from the Oneness Trainers Deepening in India where about 85 Oneness Trainers (initiated in 2008 & 2009) were present from all over the world. It was without a doubt the most powerful & life-changing experience we have ever had at the Oneness University . Our process included numerous Homas (ancient Vedic fire rituals), participation in one of the Indian tribal processes which Sri Bhagavan has been talking about so much lately, beautiful teachings from the Oneness Guides, powerful meditations & Oneness Blessings/Deekshas from the Cosmic (Oneness) Beings, meditations in the Oneness Temple, several Darshans with Sri Bhagavan, including one where we received hands-on Blessings from Sri Bhagavan himself.


The Homas, which are perhaps the most ancient spiritual rituals known to Humanity, were the most powerful Suzanne & I have ever experienced. The guides who performed the Homas explained every step and involved us directly in the prayers and visualizations more than in any previous process we have attended. I was surprised with vivid and awesome visions of the aspects of God we invoked and could clearly see them working marvels in our midst for the benefit of all Humanity.


The Indian tribal processes consist of tribal people from rural India, many in very high states of consciousness, lots of chanting, intense dancing and very special Deekshas to transmit the awakened state with almost no teaching at all. Sri Bhagavan has explained how these people become awakened in anywhere from just a few hours to 6 days, the actual transformation taking about 3 minutes. After they are awakened, the Oneness teachings just begin to flow out of them without them ever having heard them. This confirms what Sri Bhagavan has been telling us, that the most essential part of the Oneness Process is not teachings, but rather the direct transmission of Divine Grace! Suzanne and I both danced and spun until we literally dropped on the floor laughing our heads off.


Of course, the Oneness teachings are still a very important part of our journey, and each day we received beautiful teachings from the Guides of the Oneness University who took us through a review of the core teachings of Oneness. Rest assured that the Guides who are now working with the foreign processes are awesome teachers, full of Grace and very skillful in transmitting the teachings and spiritual practices which are essential to our continued steady growth.


Meditations and Deekshas with the Cosmic (Oneness) Beings were as powerful as ever, and visiting the Oneness Temple to meditate in the presence of the Golden Ball of Grace was like a dream come true. But no one could have dreamed of the Grace we received in our Darshans with Sri Bhagavan. Again and again, we were invited into his presence where we interacted freely like old friends, joking and talking and asking whatever questions we had. Bhagavan held nothing back. He met with the North American trainers (less than 20 of us) one night from 11:30 PM until 2:30 in the morning! After talking to each of us individually and giving us each hands-on Blessings, he told us that there are already some Americans who are awakened, that some of us are in higher states of consciousness than was previously assumed and that he was surprised to discover our Kundalinis are at a much higher level than he had expected. He said that some of us were right on the edge of awakening and just needed a little push. Sri Bhagavan predicted that many North Americans will begin to awaken into Oneness this year. That is very good news for us and for the whole world!


To sit at the feet of my beloved Bhagavan, gazing into his smiling eyes and hear my Divine Friend say "I love you, Michael", to experience his loving embrace and feel his hands on my head Blessing me, to simply disappear, melting in silent Oneness with him in the Golden Flame of the Divine Presence, then to open my eyes to experience the simplicity of actually being the bird that was flying overhead, all of this was more than anyone could ask for or imagine. It was total bliss, complete satisfaction, full of peace, burning with joy, exploding with Divine Love! Since returning home it continues to unfold without end. I cannot express the depth of my Gratitude. AmmaBhagavan Sharanam!


Love, Light & Blessings to you!

In the Service of the Divine,

Helping Humanity Awaken into Oneness!


Michael & Suzanne


Rev. Dr. Michael Milner & Suzanne Champlin

Oneness Trainers


"When we begin to accept ourselves exactly as we are, experiencing the full content of each moment without conflict or resistance, and join together around the world with others whose hearts are flowering, the Light of Infinite Love will flood the Earth!"

- Michael Milner