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Sri Bhagavan's Skype with New Zealand, March 12, 2011


Beginning of Webcast not captured on video,

but content is included in the notes below.


Opening Statement 


Dear Sri Bhagavan - Thank You soo much for this incredible opportunity to be in your presence via this webcast - This is truly a Blessing for all the people of New Zealand. We would like to convey our deepest Love and Gratitude to Amma and to You Bhagavan for your magnificence that shines through in so many ways - and for your infinite love and Grace that you are continuously bestowing on us all. We celebrate your presence and we celebrate that your Mission and Vision is being made manifest on Earth. Thank You Sri AmmaBhagavan.


Blessings and Prayer Request for Christchurch


Sri Bhagavan we would also like to ask that you please give your full Blessings to the people of Christchurch who have been really affected by the recent devastating earthquake. 




1. "Dear Sri Bhagavan: I once saw a golden being inside of my chest immediately after receiving a Deeksha in '05.  I was fully Awakened for many weeks afterwards, and then the mind kicked in, which was similar to switching off a light switch.  I then spent several years wondering what happened, and hoping for it to return; and then one day it did.  When it reappeared it was completely overwhelming to the point that I believed I was dying.  And it spoke to me.  I then experienced an extremely strong burst of fear, which made it go away as quickly as it came. The Being looks so unusual; it seems as though that it is hard to get accustomed to.  I continue to contemplate on it, and wonder actually what it is, who it is, where it came from, and what its purpose is.  Can you please help me get past this stumbling block, and also explain to me what the golden being is?  With many thanks.  Very respectfully. Your humble servant, Tim."


Bhagavan: We call this being Pajapathi. When the phenomenon began, what first appeared was the Golden Ball. The Golden Ball then took the form of Pajapathi. This being is an extremely friendly being and the moment you start losing the fear, you can actually deal with it like you deal with your personal friend and the purpose of this being is to get you awakened. So as you loose the fear about this being, it will become so strong and is fully capable of delivering awakening.


2. "I am concerned for my lovely son, who is 24, and was given a diagnoses as having schizophrenia, 3 years ago. How can I help him  to recover from this and live a fulfilling life? He is very intelligent and kind, and wants to  feel happy and well again. He is on medication that has a lot of side effects. He wants to be a writer but cannot even read a book at the moment. I give him a Blessing by intention each day. I am grateful for this opportunity to ask for help. Thank you."


Bhagavan: I will help him.


3. " If the physical and energetic body is experiencing pain, fatigue and suffering, does that stop the awakening process and how can the physical body be healed to be free of suffering as well?"


Bhagavan: Pain in the physical body, or in the energy body, does not hamper the process of awakening and as you start healing the energy body the physical body naturally gets healed.


4. Dearest Sri Bhagavan: It is interesting to see the wave of freedom-seeking that has broken out in the Middle East at this time of significantly increased Oneness energy. Is this similar to the phenomenon in 1989 when the energy came through and Communism fell in Eastern Europe and increased freedom was bestowed on millions of people? At this moment, there is a threat to the freedom of people in New Zealand as our government is working on a free trade agreement with the US that has the potential to curb our freedoms in many ways. This agreement would seriously strengthen the influence of pharmaceutical companies and make it difficult to purchase herbs and alternative remedies. Also, it will allow corporations like Monsanto to promote genetic engineering in our country. What can we do to avoid the danger that has not yet come?


Bhagavan: What happened in 1989 is now happening as we approach 2012.  People will begin to move into higher levels of consciousness and accordingly, they will also expect to have more freedom. As more and more people move into higher levels of consciousness I do not think we have to worry about these problems, they will naturally be sorted out.


5. We would like to know the role NZ plays in bringing about this global awakening. Many feel it is relevant that New Zealand is where the sun first rises, starting a new day for the rest of the world? We recently suffered an earthquake and you talk of the earth's transition in your teachings. Could you please explain what this earthquakes relevance has to global awakening? We Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for keeping our oneness family safe and ask you to bless those who lost their loved ones and those who lost their homes and livelihood. And please Bhagavan continue to keep us safe as we fear there may be more earthquakes, and we don't know where.


Bhagavan: The earthquakes and the tsunamis which we now face are in a very complex way helping the process of awakening.  How they actually affect is not so important to understand, but what is important is to know that in a very complex way they are helping the process of awakening.  New Zealand by its unique location has a definite role to play. All nations have a role to play, depending on the physical location and NZ has a definite physical location down there, and it has to play a very important role, because every part of the globe has to be awakened for a global transformation. And we will certainly be helping people to face these calamities. As I once said, if you are a trainer or a Blessing Giver certainly no matter what the tsunami is, what the earthquake is, you will be saved, you will be helped. So we will be all going to help all those people caught up in these calamities all the blessings are with you.


6. When you say "everything happens automatically" do you mean when in the awakened state? Is it also all happening automatically for unawakened people too?! I'm concerned that we all do nothing because we sit back and say "well it all happens automatically and I have to be helpless so the divine can take over."  Is the world in the state it's in because the mind believes it is in control and if the mind could accept everything was happening automatically we would awaken?


Bhavavan: Whether you are awakened or unawakened all things happen automatically.  These teachings are there not to be practised.  You cannot practise and see things happening automatically or sit back and say all things are happening automatically. Once you are awakened you will see that all things are happening automatically. Not that you sit back and keep quiet. You will be most active once you are awakened, but you will see things as though they are happening automatically. These teachings are not to be practised at all. They are there only to help you realise that you are awakened or better still, that you are not awakened. If you were to practise these teachings you would get into serious trouble becausethey cannot be practised.


7. What do You see and feel about New Zealand and its people at this present point in time.  Are there any specific things, other than giving blessings, that we can do to help the country?


Bhagavan: Besides its strategic location, I think a lot of work has to be done with the indigenous people. That would be a great contribution to global awakening.


8. Why do I "enjoy" suffering so much that I can't give it up?!


Bhagavan: That is because of what happened to you while you were being born. Maybe moments before you were delivered, something must have happened, because of which you seem to have got addicted to suffering. But this can be rectified.


9. Dear Bhagavan, please explain the interplay between the descent of the Divine and the opening of the chakras and the rise of Kundalini energy up the sushumna nadi to the sahasrara chakra and the awakening process.


Bhagavan: As the kundalini rises and opens up every chakra, it is the equivalent of opening up parts of the brain. Each chakra is like a switch for a particular part of the brain. As the kundalini rises and moves into the chakra and activates the chakra, that part of the brain is activated.  And more and more the brain is activated the greater is the descent of the Divine.  So on the one hand there is the ascent of the kundalini and on the other hand, there is the descent of the Divine.  


That is why you have 2 triangles one coming down and one going up. And they do meet in what is called the Sahasrara Chakra and then it again comes down and stabilizes itself in the Muladhara. Not that it must always be at the Sahasrara.  At the Sahasrara the meeting occurs and then there is a gradual coming down and it sits down in the Muladhara. Thereafter It is like you go into a peak state and then coming down, but not coming down to the bottom line but somewhere in between and staying put there. But much talk of this is of no use it has to be experienced.


10. Since I arrived in NZ from the UK 16 years ago I have always felt NZ potentially has a unique role to play in creating a peaceful soulful culture and modelling this for the world.  Can you speak about gifts any gifts you feel we here in NZ can develop and offer and how we can create a balance between the inner work of awakening and being the hands and feet of God in the world.


Bhagavan: NZ is uniquely positioned to produce a beautiful balanced culture and civilisation which is most likely to happen quite soon.


So we shall now meditate for the next 5 minutes.