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Oneness New Zealand 12/1/09


The 1st question is;

Sri Bhagavan: With recent developments, we have seen how, with the best of intentions and shared goals, differences can arise and threaten the progress of Sri Amma Bhagavan's beautiful vision for mankind. Please can you advise us what is most important to have in our hearts and minds if ever there should arise some mischief or negativity that threatens our coherence as a group?


There are a few things we should not lose sight of.  The first thing is this work is all about 2012. So we are only preparing ourselves for our vision of 2012.  As I have been repeating 2012 is the year of the process, so from January to December all  the blessing givers will be gathering in groups and they will be giving blessings to each other  and Iíll and Amma will be participating and they will be raising their levels of consciousness, which in turn will affect world consciousness.  So when you raise the level of consciousness, whether Christian consciousness, Buddha consciousness, Krishna consciousness or whatever consciousness you want, it will not be the same, but saying it there will be a oneness to it, although it will be very different, we will all feel one. That is the oneness we are talking about and functioning from this higher level of consciousness our problems will gradually cease to exist. Most of our problems are emerging from the fact that humanity is functioning from lower levels of consciousness.  If you raise the level of consciousness most problems should disappear.  So we should not lose sight of 2012. That is the most important thing


The next thing is we should not bring down the importance of the blessing.  The blessing is the tool to work to make it happen. The Blessing comes from the Divine, so it is not that somebody is giving the blessing, it is coming from the Divine, the Divine is trying to connect up with itself.  So what is most important is getting close to the Divine. With the Divine and the Divine is our own higher self it is not something out there, it is our own human nature, but our own higher self. That is what we call the Divine and the blessing is coming from the higher self, so that we could become one. We should not lose sight of that.


The other most important thing is we should learn to function as groups. It is not going to be an awakening for the individual, it is awakening for the collective, groups of people awakening, who in turn influence human consciousness. We should not lose sight of that.


The other important thing is right now the countdown has begun, that is - this is a peopleís movement. There is no hierarchy here, the people must be empowered. All the power that is here must be transferred to the people Ė whatever knowledge is there must be transferred to the people. It will become a peopleís movement. There is no such thing as Dasas, or Acharyajiís or anybody in control. So the whole organization must fade away and the latest date will be 31 March 2014. Beyond that there should be no concept called oneness and even the name oneness could fade away...  It should merely be a living experience in the hearts of people.  Oneness is not a thought, it is not an idea, it is not a concept, in fact it cannot be grasped by the human mind it is something in the mind that God cannot touch. It is a living experience. The name lives in the hearts of people.  For that to happen, Amma Bhagavan must fade away, Acharyajiís must fade away, Dasas must fade away, everybody must fade away and the training should start now and it must be completed in 2014. So all that we are telling is, let the trainers themselves initiate people into becoming blessing givers in their own countries. Now if we do that we cut the whole chain that is holding back the phenomenon. The phenomenon which took birth in 1989 it had been unleashed across the world. For some reason we could not do it 1989 because we did not fully understand the phenomena at that time. Now the time has come, we cannot control it and should not control it.  So what is controlling it, is on one hand, the courses and on the other hand, the money aspect. What we need is Blessing Givers all over the world. We cannot go on this way. Everything is money. It costs a lot of money. I was not looking for these things.  It was a great shock to me as to how expensive it is. So we have to do away with money which means you do it in your own country. Do it the way you want to, we give you the power and still if you want to come to India you are welcome and there will be no charges for courses at all. We would only be charging for the food, accommodation, laundry and the internal transport, e.g. if you want to come to a Level 1 in India, it will cost $700 that is all. If you want to have the course in our own country you are most welcome to go ahead. The people are? That can happen only if we fade away, we cannot hold onto these things. These are things we must bear in mind and never lose sight of 2012 - this whole work is about that - this phenomenon has arisen only for that purpose.  We are helping the phenomenon to carry on this mission. The mission is the global transformation of human consciousness.


The 2nd question is;

Bhagavan you said, we (the blessing givers) are welcome to come to India and spend time with you. With whom do we communicate to organize this and how do we communicate directly?


 NZ will be taken care of by a dasa called Anand.  You could directly get in touch with him and he will help you all.


When you come here, I will not be able to meet on a one-to-one basis, but on an allotted time, all people could gather I will be addressing them and they can ask me questions.  Trainers and coordinators would be in a separate group. .  I will see trainers and coordinators on a one-to-one basis.


The 3rd question is; 

Bhagavan you talked about money and spirituality not going well together.  Could you please clarify?


 This has been misunderstood. I am not against people making money. In fact I tell people to make money because I say that money making when done properly is also a spiritual activity. If you are a good carpenter, you are being spiritual. If you are a good postman, you are being spiritual. If you can make money and help people with it, thatís fine.


 What I am saying is spiritual people, like us, we are monks should not be involved in making money, not the people in the world; you have to make money to survive.  But we are monks, we have taken vows and we cannot live in a different way. We should not make money because that money would destroy us. That money would corrupt us and Iím talking that we should fade it away. We should hand all things to people; we have so much to hand over. In the next year we will work on that.  We should not endeavor to go around the world to acclaim fame. It is not what we are supposed to do.  Iím not against people making money if they do it in a righteous manner, in a really focused manner, not in a harmful manner that is perfectly fine, in fact I give blessings to people to become wealthy. But we should not make money because we are a spiritual movement.


So now shall we move into meditation for a 3 minute blessing. Thank you Bhagavan.


Of course we will be meeting more often - more like spiritual questions. When I talk about spiritual matters, that is level 3. When I talk on worldly matters, that is no level at all - you can call it level 0 - (everyone was in laughing).


Spiritual matter are level 3. More and more we will go into spiritual things and I will be helping you and of course you can come to India.


Thank you Bhagavan - thank you Bhagavan

Love Love Love - Thank you

Love to Amma please, please.

Thank you Bhagavan for taking the time - WE LOVE YOU.....