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Sri Murthi Update from Skype Broadcast with Oneness Guide and Singapore

During a Skype discussion & teachings with a Oneness guide, a question was raised about why Sri Bhagavan is moving to using a Formless Sri Murthi. The transcript below is the explanation from the Guide.

Thanks Gratitude to Mrs Kavya ji for writing this transcript on the Formless Sri Murthi and to Jeet ji for this New Sri Murthi picture.


Top Left:- Sri Pada Sri Vallaba.
Top right:- Sri Narashima Saraswathy.
Bottom left:- Sri Swami Samarth.
Bottom Right:- Sri Shirdi Sai Baba.
Center:- Sri Dattatreya (Brahma, Vishnu, Siva)
Sri Anagha Lakshmi (
MahaSawarswathi, MahaLakshmi, MahaKaali)

Kalki Avatar Sri Amma Bhagavan resides in the Sri Moorthy as Formless.

Written in Hindi Language at the top as Kalki, and below is Moolamantra.

Transcript - Oneness Singapore

The earth is 13.5 billion years old has been in the preparatory phase for the golden age, which it will enter in the year 2012 and this will continue for the next 13.5 billion years.  The second 13.5 billion years will be period of the Golden Age or Sathyayuga. Man in kaliyuga will dance his way to Mukthi and he and God will be in communion with each other like pals (Friends) and walk hand in hand. Unlike in other yugas HE had to do heavy penances and severe austerities.

The Mayan calendar also states about the significance of the year 2012 and the Mayan leaders came and met up with SRI BHAGAVAN and knew that it is this Avatar of God who is going to make it happen and give Enlightenment to the Mankind and guide the Mankind on earth to the Golden Age.   They knew that it was and is, the LORD HIMSELF SRI AMMABHAGAVAN who has come to us to save the World, the date of birth mentioned in the Mayan spiritual scripts is same as Sri BAHAGAVAN's date of birth.

The Formless energy or the Arthi Parashakthi as the Hindus call it, is the primary source of all the creations that exists. All creations like  the entire solar system, galaxies, all living creatures of all forms and shapes were created from this Shakthi. The GOD which is formless (No pictures, No Statues) and the one which man cannot relate to is like no God there at all. Therefore for the sake of Mankind from this Formless Energy called the three Moorthis or - Brahma, Vishnu & Shivan was created.
Each Moorthis displayed their own strengths, For creation Lord Brahma,  For protection Lord Vishnu and For destruction of evil Lord Shiva was created and their respective Shakthis that is Goddess Saraswathy, Goddess Laxmi and Goddess Parvathi respectively.

In this 13.5 billion years of the life of the earth God has taken many births as incarnations and there has been many manifestations.  Incarnations are that where God takes birth as Avatara Purusha like Sri Rama, Sri Krishna and now our one and only Sri Kalki Amma Bhagavan.

They come for a very specific purpose and they live an entire life of a mankind, to fulfill what they are here to do for MANKIND. After fulfilling their purpose of incarnation on earth it ends, manifestions are like GOD appearing then and there on the call of his devotees to rescue them to fulfill the mankind's wishes etc, an example the Narasimha Avatar to save Prahalad.

So in every Yuga, God has incarnated with specific powers suitable for that occasion & period of time for man's well-being.  In this Kaliyuga Our beloved Sri AmmaBhagavan have come with the purpose of giving mankind the long awaited Enlightenment which will make him be prepared to enter the Golden Age in 2012.

Sri Amma and Bhagavan are very particular that our Dharma should not become a cult. So for this purpose they have now changed the image of the Sri Moorthi to appear formless. The New Sri Moorthi clearly depicts that all God's incarnations come from one single formless energy - the golden globe in the lotus that is the Arthi Parashakthi, in the center on left side stands the powerful Datatreya who is the incarnation of three GODs Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva and on the right stands their three Shakthis Goddess Saraswathy, Goddess Laxmi and Goddess Parvathi. 

In the four corners the most powerful incarnations or Avatars during their time are depicted, so the new Sri  Moorthi encompasses all the divine incarnations in one and shows that Sri Amma and Bhagavan - the Soul Energy have been incarnating time and again in this planet called Earth as powerful incarnations and manifestaions.     

With this info the Oneness devotees of Sri AmmaBhagavan should know that when they relate to any form of their choice of GOD they are actually relating to one single source.  The new Sri Moorthi also shows that we should not get attached to the finite form and should learn  to relate to the GOD in the infinite form.   Yet it is completely up to the devotees discretion to choose which Sri Moorthi they want. They can also continue to keep their Sri AmmaBhagavan Sri Moorthi  OR change to the new one as explained to the 3 Sri Moorthis if they want to.

For those who have called & emailed with reference to the New Sri Moorthi, hope this transcript answers your curiosity. Need not worry even though our LORD is moving to formless our LORD Kalki AmmaBhagavan is always walking beside us, sitting beside us, sleeping beside us, talking and whispering in our ears & hearts. Remember Our Lord Sri AMMABHAGAVAN Loves us more than we love our LORD.