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Teleconference with Sri Bhagavan to North America
December 20, 2009


Doug Bentley was facilitating the call.

Namaste Bhagavan


Starting with this month, there is almost 600 new Blessing Givers throughout North America and Canada. The Oneness Trainers have been doing a phenomenal amount of work creating new blessing givers,  Bhagavan. At the request of the trainers, weíd like to read the list of new blessing givers by state. 

Arizona  57, Canada 36, California 94, Colorado 3, Washington DC 26, Florida 57, Idaho 47, Massachusetts 20, Montana 3, North Caroliina 34, Ohio 20, Nevada 1, Oregon 6, Texas 32, Vermont 7, Washington 21.

Please give blessings to new blessing givers. A lot of them will be on the line tonight.

Bhagavan: Iíll give them all a strong blessing.


Q1: Could you please offer more clarity about the shift that will occur in 2012 and how our work with the Oneness Blessing is helping make that shift. What will take place? What will our experiences be? And How will the rapid changes in our movement help facilitate that.

2012. There is first going to be an energy shift. We call this Pranic energy. In fact the temple has been built here called the World Oneness Center to affect these planetary energies.  In fact in ancient times the pyramids were built across the world to affect these planetary energies. Objects like Stonehenge and other ancient objects were built specifically meant for the altering of planetary energies. Similarly, the World Oneness Center or what we sometimes call the Oneness Temple has been created to affect these planetary energies. The first shift will be in planetary energies.

Following that will be a rising in the levels of consciousness. Peoplesí consciousness will reach to higher levels. This will mean actually what we call the kundalini rising up in the human body. That will be higher levels of consciousness.  That will result in a change of perception. These changes essentially will surround the fact that youíll start losing the sense of separation. For some people it could be merely feeling connected. For other people, it could be youíll actually feel you are the other. There will be varying degrees of change with regard to the sense of separation.

For some it could be mild. What I call mild is to feel connected. For some it could be that great that you would feel that you are no different from the other. It could go to that extent. It could be so deep that when someone is physically affected--A physical thing could affect you physically. It can go to that extent.

Besides this, there will also be people experiencing higher states of consciousness, like some could experience Christ consciousness, Buddha consciousness or Krishna consciousness or any kind of consciousness theyíve been seeking or they have been conditioned from early childhood. That would be a change of consciousness.

There are also others who will discover oneness with the physical earth also. They will feel very, very close to the earth There will be a variety of changes Thatís why weíre not telling sameness. Weíre saying oneness. People will be having very different experiences. 6 billion or 7 billion on the planet, it could be That many experiences and that many states of consciousness.

What is going to be strange is that despite the differences in experience and the state, all will feel one. You would expect people to differ, quarrel, disagree or to fight. That will not happen. A Christian with his experience and a Muslim with their experience will strangely become very, very close. Weíll be moving in that direction. I will say that the experience of each one will be unique. Any two people will not have the same experience. Nature or what you call God does not duplicate. Each one is special and each one is unique. That is what is going to happen.

The common denominator is going to be that we going to work as if weíre one being. That is what is likely to happen and that is what will have its own consequences in the external world. When Iím talking about the Oneness age, Iím talking about what is going to happen in the inner world. When I talk of the Golden Age, Iím talking about what will happen in the external world.

The Inner changes will happen first and that will lead to certain external changes. People will be sharing whatever they got with each other, they will be more careful about the environment. they will be more kind and protective with the animals. All this will be happening in the external world as a consequence of the changes in the inner world. So, we can expect these things to happen probably sometime towards the end of 2011. Weíll probably get a few samples in  early October and November, December of 2011. It will go full speed from January, 2012 and by December 2012 we will be able to see a lot for ourselves. This in short will be the changes that will be happening.

Along with that we will also expect environmental changes as human consciousness changes. We might be able to sort out some of the environmental issues too. On the one hand, we have to move on the physical front and with the inner change also will bring about environmental changes.

Besides that, our thought structures also will start melting down. The thought structures which have been built up for thousands of years. The will sort of be breaking down. In other words, you will not be troubled so much by thought, negative thoughts and emotions. They too will start slowly decreasing. One should not think itís all over in 2012. It keeps growing and thereís no end to that growth. So we can be evolving more and more and more. That is not so important for us. Whatís important is that we bring about these changes in 20112. We cannot take it for granted.

We have got to work for it. The energies are there, but we have to make use of the energies to bring about the shift. If we just sit idle thinking ďOkay there may be some change there is no problem, there is nothing more for me to do.Ē Nothing is going to happen. We have got to make use of that. This is where the blessing givers come in. What we need urgently is lots more trainers, a huge number more of trainers and we have to produce huge numbers of blessing givers. 

The blessing giversí main role is by helping others is to raise their levels of consciousness. Because blessing givers have to give blessings to each other in the year 2012. You have to form groups, I  suggest a minimum group of 25 people. Ideal to have 50 or even 100 and in some cases you may have as many as 300 if they can be cooperative. Now, what we have to do in the year 2012, is you have to form some kind of mandala formation and weíll teach you how to give blessings to each other.  Hereís the situation where a blessing giver gives a blessing to another blessing giver. It is going on between them. 

These groups will begin to move to another level. When you do that, something very strange is going to happen. It is not something we are speculating or we are going to try out. Weíve tried all these things and it works very beautifully. Everything is ready. Not only that, in 2012 is not something in your imagination or something we are ?? about. We have some special groups in India. Probably when you come to India, we can take you and  show you whatís happening. Actually, people are moving into 2012.  Itís happening right now. We find that It happens between 6 hours or 3 days. Itís that fast. We hope that you could watch it, and learn something and itís possible you could use at home.  Here, we actually notice that the moment of transition is less than 3 minutes. What the ancient teacher called... (Padmasambhava who took Buddhism from) ...India  into Ancient Tibet. He had made the remark, that when the iron birds fly in the air. man would make it in less than 3 minutes. The iron birds have been flying now for quite some time.  We think possibly the time has come. Because we are actually seeing this happen. That is what we have all this the confidence.

The question is doing for a small group is one thing, and doing for entire planet is something totally different. This requires LARGE numbers of blessing givers, especially now since we have lost very valuable time. While Oneness is a phenomenon, we also believe that 2012 is itself a phenomenon and a lot of people are working for 2012.   Itís not just our phenomenon, there are other phenomenon going on also. The sad thing is that many of them have died already. They died a year after inception - some after 2 years, 3 years, some after10 years.

As these things happened, also, the opposite was produced. Like, you have the front, you have the back, you have the top, you have the bottom.  So whenever we move in one direction, like matter and anti-matter, the moment you try to bring about order, disorder too is simultaneously created. If the disorder is not much, then of course we can have a higher order. If the disorder crosses a point, then it could become very dangerous and the whole thing could be revert back to disorder.

Now, we have a situation here, most of you know the recent crisis in the Movement. There is a certain amount of disorder and if the disorder continues to grow, basically its function will be to destroy faith.  Faith in 2012, faith in the divine, and faith in the blessing.  If that happens, we could still lose out. The possibility is there. I have seen many such movements do so in the last twenty years or so. Thatís why the only way is that order should grow faster than disorder which means more trainers and more blessing givers.

In fact, Iíve been wanting this to happen for all these years. But it could not happen. But now I see it is beginning to happen. But, this could be our last chance. So, Iím so happy to hear these figures about how the blessing givers have grown in numbers the last few weeks.  If we continue in this way, I think weíll have enough Oneness ??. America is a big country and we need a huge number of trainers and vast numbers of blessing givers. If we keep up this pace, I think we should be ready by 2012.

The crucial role is going to be played by the blessing givers and of course the trainers have got to produce them. And that blessing is nothing but the divine working through you. Unless there is divine intervention, we cannot get there. Itís next to impossible. Because it involves lots of transformation that only the Divine could bring about. Unless you open up to the divine for  2010 and 2011. Weíll  be speaking more to you and weíll be guiding you more in order to open up more connections at a deeper contact with the divine.  If the divine comes through the blessing is going to bring about the changes  in all the blessing givers which in turn will bring about the change in human consciousness. Itís actually the work of the divine. Weíre just helping out. Youíre probably some kind of a catalyst. The divine has to make use of these energies to bring about this change. We just have to help out. So that is in brief the answer to the first question.


Q2: Not a question but many of the blessing givers would like to ask you to to give them what you feel is best in a teaching for this month to deepen their state and help them grow in whatever way.

I spoke with Mexico yesterday and Sweden and Italy today. What I notice  was there seems to be a misunderstanding about the teachings. They have gone through Level 1 and Level 2. From the way theyíre asking the questions, I could clearly see theyíve misunderstood the teachings. Now the oneness teaching is actually a very, very simple teaching.

 What you need to understand is that If it sounds complex, there is some misunderstanding about the teaching. And then if you understand that you have to put in some effort, then again, you have misunderstood the teaching. By saying no effort, we do not mean indifference at all. This should not be mistaken for indifference.

Let us see what is it we are saying. Basically we could put the entire oneness teaching into one word, That is AWARENESS. So, very often we are getting questions like saying, ďLook I know I have ugliness, I have jealousy, I have no love, I have anger, I have violence and I am trying to experience suffering and now itís not happening and when is it Iím going to change and I find that I am helpless.Ē

So we get these kind of questions. What is most important to understand in oneness is the content of your mind is NOT AT ALL important. It could be anything. It could be violence, non-violence, anger, hatred, jealousy frustration, fear, what not.  All that whole range of thoughts, feelings and emotions. Weíre just not concerned about them. Because we are not trying to change at all. There is no effort to change because we cannot change. We cannot change because these are the properties of the human mind which is very ancient and there is only one mind.

What is it weíre trying to do? What is this change weíre talking about? On the one hand, we say no change and on the other hand, we still do seem to talk about some sort of change. All that we are talking about is  please become intensely aware of what is going on. Thatís all. There is nothing else you could do. There is nothing else you should do. That is why weíre talking about it as effortless effort.

The only effort is slightly becoming aware of what is going on and then saying. ďOkay. Let me become aware.Ē Thatís all.

Then, as you try to become aware, you will realize itís next to impossible. Itís that difficult to start with. Thatís when you throw in the towel and say ďOh my God it is not possible.Ē That is the time, we say, you better surrender. This surrender is not some kind of  slavish surrender. Itís just the realization that you cannot do anything and nothing is happening.  Itís then that you invoke the divine through a blessing. Then the blessing will take you where you should go. And where do you go? You go nowhere because there is nowhere to go in the first place.  You only become more and more aware of what is going on.

And the teaching says that first step, the last step. This does not mean that after you have taken the first step, you are going to go somewhere. You are not going to go anywhere at all for the simple reason there is nowhere to go. So whatís the first step? The first step is awareness. Whatís the last step? Awareness. So what is there? There is only awareness. Awareness is the be all and end all of all things. Please understand that awareness is not going to take you anywhere. It is not going to free you of jealousy. Understand that awareness is not going to free you from anger. Itís not going to make you into a saint. No, not at all Awareness will only be giving you freedom with jealousy, Freedom with anger, freedom with hatred. You will stop tampering with them and you will stop trying to change them. What is in the beginning is awareness. What is in the middle is awareness. What is in the end is awareness. When you are aware, you are fully awake, When you are awake, you are living and no more existing.

Right now you are in the state of day dreaming. All the while, you are caught up in this conflict the thought is producing. You are somewhere and youíre trying to get somewhere. That is the movement of thought. You are engaged in this and you are caught up in that. That is why you do not live, but you are merely existing. This is the situation which is going to change in the year 2012. Even before that it is going to happen to lots of people if you correctly understand the teachings.

So Iíll repeat, you are not going anywhere. You are not going to change anything. There is nothing you can change. All that weíre expecting from you is please become intensely aware of what is going on. Itís a beautiful movie that you could enjoy. There is no better movie than that. And no better book you can read than that. You cannot read it as long as there is no awareness. To be aware is all there is. To be aware is to have the presence in you. As your awareness deepens, the presence deepens. And there comes a point when you are so intensely aware that the presence is almost completely there. The presence is what you call God. At that point you become God.  You and the presence are totally one. You, the awareness and the presence will all completely become one. Thatís when you see for yourself that you are God. We are trying to get there.

So, I hope that from this moment onwards, you will just see what is going on. Donít try to do anything to it. There is nothing you can do to it. Itís just there. That is the truth. That is inner integrity. That is being authentic. Donít be indifferent to It, please, but be intensely aware of it. Thatís all you have to do. That is the oneness teaching. Thatís the most fundamental teaching. Other teachings are mainly supportive of it. Like saying the first step is like the last step. Experience it. When you try to experience it, there is no experiencing at all.  When youíre aware, experience is automatically taking place. You are experiencing reality as it is. What we are merely trying to describe, but then you try to put an effort, ďOkay, I must now experience suffering. All right, I must experience reality is at is. All right Iíll be a better human being.Ē There is no such thing as a better human being or a lower human being.

Out of this awareness action arises spontaneously. That is what we call action. Everything else you may call action, but it is merely activity. This action -- some may call it who are not awakened good action and some may call it bad action, right action or wrong action. For someone who is awakened, it is just action.  For him, it is perfect action. This arises from complete awareness.

I would like you to start contemplating on what I have just now spoken for the following month and let us see what your experiences are. From that, Iíll start proceeding further. These interactions with you is what we call Level 3.  Iíll give you more clarification after the teachings. Iíll give you some deeper insights, the power to give you a blessing. I will meditate with you, I will take on your questions. All this comes with Level 3. And level 3 you can attend or come to level 2, or you could come to level 1, or merely the  Oneness Experience course, or even for a new person if you are invited, you are most welcome to come. Others can go back to Level 2 or to Level 1 or Oneness Experience to get a better understanding. But all are welcome for this.

That is the message I would like to communicate to you after hearing the questions from Mexico, Sweden, and Italy. I thought this was very important to communicate with you.