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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Oneness Awakening

& Deeksha Giver Initiation

September 24,25,26


Monday Sept 27: Intensive for Deeksha Givers

Sacred Space Dark Room, Mukthi & 64 Deeksha Process


A full weekend of Oneness events to choose from at

Unity Christ Church of Myrtle Beach



1270 Surfside Industrial Park Drive

Surfside Beach, SC  29575



You may attend just one of these events to learn about the Oneness Blessing/Deeksha, or if you attend Friday 7-9PM, Saturday 10AM-4:30PM & Sunday 1:30-4:30PM, you can be initiated as a Oneness Deeksha Giver at the end.


Everyone who has been initiated as a Deeksha Giver is welcome to attend the Intensive on Monday Sept 27.


For Details about these Events & Initiations Contact:  

                  Susan Boles, Deeksha Giver

                  Email: [email protected]


For Church Information Contact:

                  Karen S. Larson

                  Phone:  843-238-8516 or 843-340-0739

                       Email: [email protected]



Facilitated by Oneness Trainers

Rev Dr Michael Milner & Rev Suzanne Champlin

Unity Offers Oneness (Deeksha) Blessing Events

The experience of Oneness with all of Creation and with the Divine Presence. 

September 24-27, Unity Christ Church welcomes Rev. Dr. Michael Milner, PhD and

Rev. Suzanne Champlin for five events based on the Oneness (or Deeksha) Blessing:


Friday, September 24: “Introduction to Deeksha/Oneness Blessing”

Evening Workshop – 7 to 9 PM - Love Offering

Includes a talk on the Oneness Blessing, a guided chakra meditation, and experiencing the Oneness Blessing.


Saturday, September 25: “Deepening Into Oneness”

Workshop 10 AM to 4:30 PM (with lunch break)   Cost: $88

Teachings, chakra balancing, exercises, meditations, and Oneness Blessings designed to deepen and accelerate your process of Awakening into Oneness. Being in this energy for a full day can catalyze deep changes and insights. Come and take the day for yourself to deepen into your own process of Awakening.


Pre-requisite: Receive  at least one Oneness Blessing-Deeksha prior to this deep meditation class.  Friday night would qualify or any prior experience with a Oneness Blessing meeting. Bring a yoga mat and/or a blanket to lie down on and a water bottle.   


Sunday, September 26: 11 AM Sunday Service

Dr. Michael Milner speaks on “What's Up on Planet Earth: Global Awakening”


Sunday, September 26: "Deepening your Connection with the Divine" 

Afternoon Workshop 1:30 to 4:30 PM - Suggested Donation:  $25

Concludes with Initiation of new Oneness Blessing/Deeksha Givers

There is never any distance or separation between us and the Divine. We determine the kind of relationship we experience with God. The best relationship is Friendship. Oneness with the Divine is the final stage of awakening into Oneness. This will be an opportunity to dramatically deepen your connection & the quality of your experience with the Divine.


Monday September 27: Special Deeksha Givers Intensive, Sacred Space Dark Room, Mukthi & 64 Deeksha Process - 10 AM - 4:30 PM - Love Offering

A day of advanced processes for those who have been initiated as Deeksha Givers.


Oneness Blessing, AKA Oneness Deeksha is the direct transfer of Divine Grace, which causes the heart to flower and initiates a shift in perception and the realization that the sense of a separate self is an illusion.  Experience Oneness with all of Creation and with the Divine Presence.  It frees the senses and results in clarity of perception and spontaneous feelings of love, joy, peace, and inner silence. It dissolves negative life patterns, and facilitates deep emotional and physical healing. Eventually the process brings an end to personal suffering and awakening to the highest states of consciousness.

Oneness Blessing can be transferred by the Blessing Giver placing his or her hands on the crown of the recipient's head, or by intention from a long distance away in meditation.  The process leads to what has been described as an Awakening into Oneness.

Oneness Blessing is dogma-free and does not belong to any particular religion, philosophy or belief-system.  


Event Facilitators:

Dr. Michael Milner is ordained in two priesthoods, Taoist and Catholic, for 40 years has trained in meditation, qigong and internal martial arts by a Chinese Taoist Grandmaster.  Serving as a Guide, Counselor and Healer, Michael is a Oneness Blessing Giver and Trainer.   

Rev. Suzanne Champlin is an ordained minister, 3rd Degree Reiki Master and Oneness Blessing Giver and Trainer. She has been on the healing path for over 22 years.  Drawing on her background in play and art therapy, Suzanne has worked with children and adults, helping them to be liberated from the sources of their suffering.

Suzanne and Michael are co-directors of Flowering Heart Center for Awakening & Wholeness in Clearwater, Florida (

Unity Christ Church of Myrtle Beach is located at 1270 Surfside Industrial Park Drive, Surfside Beach, SC (just off Hwy. 544 near Hwy. 17 Bypass). Phone: 843-238-8516 / website: / email: [email protected]



Energy centers within the subtle body which, when balanced, lead to the experience of a harmonious reality, connection to the Oneness in everything, and ultimately to union with the Divine. These chakras may be worked with directly through specific yogic and meditative practices. These practices are taught at the Oneness University and by Oneness Trainers around the world.

*Deeksha / Oneness Blessing
The transfer of a physical energy which affects a neurobiological shift in the physical brain, catalyzing the awakening of the kundalini and the balancing of the chakras. It is a benediction, a gift from the Divine, which is necessary to complete an awakening into Oneness. It is one way that the Divine reaches out to humankind, to assist in the current evolutionary process.

The dormant spiritual energy within the human organism, said to reside in the subtle body along the spine. The process of awakening or enlightenment is said to mirror the rising of the kundalini, from the base of the spine up into and out the crown of the head. The kundalini flows through three main channels (nadis) in the human energy system. One of the primary affects of the Deeksha is to activate the kundalini and to guide it upward, resulting in a full awakening into Oneness.

The natural state of the human being where one is experiencing reality as it is, the reality of the senses, free from the interpretations of the ancient mind. A state whereby the sense of separation has dissolved and one experiences reality as a profound web of connection between all living matter. There is no longer a “me” and a “not me,” but rather a division-less flow of the Divine, of intelligence, of love.