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March 18, 2010

Sri Bhagavan announced a

major shift in his plan for Oneness



March 18, Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan announced that it is time to deliver the awakened state to the entire Oneness Community across the planet. They decided not to wait until 2011 and 2012 to do this, but to act quickly to give the state of awakening (Mukthi) to the entire Oneness Community, so that the full power of the awakened state will be in our hands as we work together to bring about a global shift in the collective consciousness of Humanity by 2012. On Saturday's webcast Sri Bhagavan proclaimed "We are transferring the power to you today." (Be sure to read about peoples experiences at the end of this letter.)

In order to bring about the fully awakened state, Sri Bhagavan held special Mukthi Deeksha webcast events for the entire planet on March 20 & 21.  During the webcasts he led the Oneness Community through a special process utilizing very ancient and sacred methods to deliver the actual Mukthi Deeksha, the complete Blessing for Mukthi (Liberation or Enlightenment), which imparts permanent Awakening. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of this development for us personally and for our entire planet at this time. To be taken into this rare spiritual state is a gift beyond words, and is the key to the doorway of the Golden Age itself.
The transmission of the awakened state which began during the webcasts will continue now through the new Oneness Awakening Course during which participants will receive Mukthi Deeksha. Regular web-casts have been discontinued in lieu of the new direct transmission for awakening given through the Oneness Awakening course. The new course will initiate Blessing Givers as well. It will replace the Oneness Experience Course and the Level 1 & Level 2 Courses, all of which will be discontinued. Level 1 & 2 Courses will be discontinued after the last courses scheduled on the Oneness University website are completed in June. For the schedule go to The only courses offered after that time at the Oneness University in India will be the Oneness Trainers Course and a special Mukthi Deeksha Process. From now on, anyone who attends the Oneness Awakening Course can go to India to take the Oneness Trainers Course without being required to take Level 1 & 2.
It is difficult to know how quickly someone will go into a permanent awakened state after receiving Mukthi Deeksha. Many who shared their experiences with me had immediate results. Of course, we are not all the same. It is important to understand that the experience for some people during the Mukthi Deeksha will be quite electric & powerful with all manner of visions & fireworks & kundalini phenomena, while for others it could be a very gentle & subtle unfolding over a period of hours or days and may lack the fireworks expected. The awakened state is not necessarily something "flashy". It is our natural state, characterized by the experience of reality as it is, free from the chatter & interference of the mind, free from conflict & resistance, a state of clarity & joy without a sense of separation. This process deepens as we become more aware in the present moment and strengthen our connection to the Divine. You can see this gentle state reflected in the experiences of several people I include at the end of this letter.
One of the most life-changing deekshas I ever received was so subtle that I initially felt nothing and thought it was a total failure. I was very disappointed. Every other deeksha I had experienced before this was tangibly powerful and immediately plunged me into an altered state. The next day after receiving that deeksha it struck me like a ton of bricks that, although unnoticed by me and without any big flashes or bangs, this seemingly impotent deeksha had gently & permanently erased many years of suffering. All that remained inside of me was vast emptiness & silence with bliss gently unfolding at the center, something that has remained with me permanently.
We should also understand that the word "Bliss" is often misunderstood as meaning only a peak state of intoxication with extreme joy & ecstasy. However a synonym for "Bliss" is simply "mellowness" or "peaceful acceptance". In the awakened state there is the simple experience of "what is" without conflict & resistance. This results in peace, stillness & conservation of energy that was previously being consumed by the struggles of the mind. This surplus of energy may bubble up resulting in ecstasy and supreme joy or it may simply result in a state of peaceful calm & clarity in which the intelligence & compassion of the heart can shine forth. That is Bliss.

Since there are so many misconceptions attached to "Enlightenment", we often prefer to use the word "Awakened" to describe this state. It is different than visions of galaxies, brilliant lights, intense electricity coursing through the body, out of body experiences, psychic perceptions, visions of God and other expanded states of consciousness which are the effects of kundalini energy activating the chakras (usually a temporary condition). The awakened state on the other hand is characterized by freedom from the divisive chatter of the mind & from the feeling of separation and the experience of reality as it is and of oneself as Existence-Consciousness-Bliss (Sat-Chit-Ananda). Read Sri Bhagavan's explanation of the awakened state during the webcast at

The awakened state does not mean the absence of thoughts & charges. In this state the mind is still there even though we are free from it's chatter and domination. We may well experience an ongoing stream of thoughts and charges. We need not identify with them or name them. The thoughts and charges are experienced in awareness without conflict or resistance. Awareness is freedom (mukti). To see is to be free. If we resist them and seek to escape or to "fix" them, they persist and we are controlled by the unconscious charges. If we are aware of the charges, if we see them and simply experience them, then we are free from conflict and the charges & thoughts do not control us





Flowering Heart Center, Clearwater, FL

with Oneness Trainers Rev Dr Michael Milner

& Rev Suzanne Champlin


The Oneness Awakening Course is open to everyone. There is no doctrine, person, or religion to follow. It is designed for you to directly experience the fullness of whatever path you are already on.

The primary purpose of Oneness is to give liberation from the mind. This is the natural state in which human beings should be living. Sri Bhagavan says, “Humanity cannot make it on their own; Awakening has to be given to them.” For the past 20 years, the work of the Oneness University has been to prepare people to receive the state of Awakening. After many years, now Sri Bhagavan feels strongly that Humanity is ready. The Oneness Awakening is a special course designed to give this state to people. The course teachings will show participants what life is like when the mind is not interfering. This will help them become aware of how the mind is causing problems and the need for Awakening and also give clarity to them as they begin to notice that they are in the Awakened State.


On the last day of the course participants will receive the Sacred Mukthi Deeksha (Blessing for Liberation) that will take them into the Awakened State and simultaneously initiate them as Blessing Givers.


The teachings will vary from course to course and taking the course multiple times is highly recommended for Blessing Givers & those serious students & practitioners wishing to explore the path of Amma Bhagavan at the deepest level.


For Details & to register, go to:  


For the latest teaching of Sri Bhagavan concerning the Awakened State he is imparting, read the transcript of the Mukthi Deeksha web-cast held with the global Oneness community on 3/20/2010. You can get an idea of recent changes & how Mukthi Deeksha is being transmitted at: 


If you are already a Blessing Giver & want to experience Mukthi Deeksha or want to receive it again, you are welcome to attend the Oneness Awakening & repeat it as many times as you wish, or you could also attend an Intensive Workshop just for Blessing Givers which will include Mukthi Deeksha (described below).




including Mukthi Deeksha

Flowering Heart Center, Clearwater, Florida

with Oneness Trainers

Rev Dr Michael Milner

& Rev Suzanne Champlin



Love, Light & Blessings!
In the Service of the Divine,
Helping Humanity Awaken into Oneness!
Michael & Suzanne
Rev. Dr. Michael Milner, PhD
Rev. Suzanne Champlin
Oneness Trainers



When we begin to accept ourselves exactly as we are,

experiencing the full content of each moment without conflict or resistance,

and join together around the world with others whose hearts are flowering,

the Light of Infinite Love will flood the Earth!





"Thank you so much... Thank you Bhagavan... What I am experiencing today is kind of a subtle shift. I'm experiencing a deeper peace, with joy..but not an intense joy like I would think of with Bliss, but a softer joy. There also seems to be cessation of conflict and with that more clarity. The joy actually seems to be growing as I experience life more from this perspective. I ended up doing the practice again last night and it did seem to deepen my experience. I find I'm getting more done because the inner conflict is gone... no 'should I do this or that?'... it's... clear ...Another thing I've been experiencing today is a real heart solar plexus connection with everybody I interact with, whether I know them or not. It is a great joy to interact with people...seems to multiply the joy. Love, M."


"As you well know, I don't "share" much.  But I feel compelled to share my experience with you this weekend... Yesterday was such a beautiful experience.  The energy in your home is always high and I think that made yesterday even more intense for those of us that were with you.  As I was driving home, I got a phone call from someone else who was there who wanted to know how I felt.  We both agreed that it was very difficult to define.  I said I just felt like love...  she agreed... I remembered Bhagavan saying "there would be no more questions."  ...It is a gentle, loving, peaceful state... not "thinking"...  Noticing and appreciating replaced thinking... Today, this continues to gently unfold.  Colors are crisper, edges are crisper...  I am in love with life and looking forward to the continuing unfolding... I just want to be in the energy with others and share it... I have talked to  6 or 7 people who were there yesterday and we all seem to be in the same head. As I read back on this, words are so inadequate, but it's all I have right now, so I hope you can feel what I'm trying to say.  I just wanted you to know that I am so grateful and so full of love! In Love & Light, L."

"On March 20-21, I volunteered as a Blessing Giver at an Oneness Experience given by Revs. Michael & Suzanne Milner.  This weekend also brought two Mukthi Deekshas presented by Sri Bhagavan which I attended both.  On Sunday morning of the OE, Dr. Rev. Milner led the group in Chakra Dhyana.  As we did the first 4 Chakras I had a physical experience or explosion as the Chakras vibrated and popped.  I also had a Spiritual experience of past life situations which were my path towards awakening or remembering.  It was so beautiful.  As my body shook we reached the 5th Chakra ~ Sri Bhagavan appeared in a radiant glow and placed his hands on my head. He stayed present through the 5,6 and 7th Chakra.  During this time present life experiences flooded my awareness, reminding me of all of the letting go and dissolving of self I have done.  I wept at the release and the knowledge I was given.  As I laid in Shavasan, faces of Spiritual Guides clicked through my vision, again reminding me of the Blessed and Beautiful life I am experiencing. A couple of days have passed and my body is going through some physical releasing and exhaustion.  However, my mind is peaceful, calm and quiet allowing me to feel a natural mellow state of enjoyment.  Thank You.  P."

"When I put my hands on the padukas my whole body was vibrating and tears were flowing down my face. I was in a crying state, which only lasted for an hour. Then after everything when I got home, I slept and did nothing but relax for two days... the chant was playing through my head like a CD on replay. It was a beautiful experience and I thank Amma Bhagavan for the experience he has given me and the grace. G."


"I have been changed by this new Mukti deeksha.  I am experiencing a solid and what seems like a permanent change.  Life is simple, direct, and bright....radiant... I experienced immediate results. WC."


"I am free from the mind. There is no conflict. It is so peaceful and gentle and joyful, so natural, not like the fireworks I might have expected. It's perfect. I'm very grateful. S."