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Teleconference of Sri Bhagavan with Russia Oneness Community, Moscow, 17 Nov 2009


Bhagavan: Will you start the questions?


German: I will. Thank you very much that you are here with us and that you can tell us about some questions we have. First question is, for several years we haven’t heard about your mission and we would like to hear about your mission and 2012.


Bhagavan: Basically my mission is to set Man totally and unconditionally free. I have founded this Oneness Movement in order that I bring about oneness within the individual. If you take an individual, there are so many people inside him, you are the father of so and so, son of so and so, employee of so and so. There are so many people inside you and they’re all the time talking. When that is happening, there’s no oneness. If the dialogue is shut down, there’s oneness in the individual. If oneness is achieved by an individual in a family, soon the whole family will achieve oneness. And if on a street one family achieves oneness, soon many families will achieve oneness. If one street achieves oneness, many streets will achieve oneness. So it automatically keeps spreading.


What I want is that this oneness must spread across the globe as quickly as possible. In 1989 we believe that the new age which is going to come was concieved. It was in that year, this phenomenom called AmmaBhagavan, it broke out. Along with this, many, many phenomena broke out all over the world. I have met people who have undergone a transformation in the year 1989.


And as you all know it was a very significant year when the Berlin wall collapsed and all that happened in the Soviet Union and all over the world. So 1989 was a significant year when this new age was concieved. I believe that this child which was concieved in 1989, that is the new age, shall be delivered in the year 2012, when energies around the world will change. When these energies change, people can make use of it.


Like if you have electricity, you can light up a bulb, run a motor or run your TV. You can do whatever you want if you have electricity. Similarly, the energies in 2012, could be made used of by politicians to restructure their countries, by scientists to come up with breakthroughs, for environmentalists to change environment, for educationalists to change the educational system and by healthcare workers to change the way we look at health.


Similarly, spiritual people, not just we, anybody doing spiritual work in the world, can make use of these energies to affect a change in people’s perception. What is going to happen in 2012 is a change of perception, where people will no longer feel separate from the other, but they will feel close to one another and feel connected to one another.


In 2035, this child which is born in 2012 would have become a young boy, that is the energies would have taken a further leap. Similarly, in 2050 it goes on like that. It takes major leaps and completely transforming man.


Our role is that to get 64 000 people to be in a good state, because then, making use of these energies, they can help humanity. To bring about these changes, I founded the Oneness Movement and we had the acharyas, the dasas and a lot of structure here, to bring about these changes. But I have been very clear that step by step gradually we must phase out the dasas, the acharyas and there will be no successor to me. Ultimately, we have to phase out AmmaBhagavan. I do not want anything to be left behind. I only want oneness to survive as principles in people’s hearts and people connecting with Divinity in whatever form they want.

So I want to move progessively towards the dissolution of Oneness.


What I want is- if I leave it like this, it will become a cult, it may even become a religion- so during my lifetime  I want to dissolve the structure. That is, I do not want to have dasas, I do not want to have acharyas and I do not want to have any successors to me and ultimately I would like even AmmaBhagavan to fade away from the scene.


All I want is that these principles must live in the hearts of people. They must do these programs on their own. Not that we are like a body controlling them, guiding them. I believe in the individual. The individual is very important for me. The individuals all over the world who want to do it, should do it. There should be no controlling body over them. So that body itself must be dissolved progressively, today it might be required, but I believe that by 2014 or so we must dissolve it. Then there’s no danger of it becoming a cult which will control people.


Next question:


German: Bhagavan, can you tell us what happened with the former senior guides, the few guides and Krishna? We know that our guide Murali left also, but he talked to many people and says that he never left the movement and that he’s going to come to Russia again and continue the old programs, Living in Oneness,  and other programs, and that nothing happened. Can you tell us about this?


Bhagavan: I have already given my email, however I will tell once again. On November 4th, the three acharyas came to me and said “we are leaving the order”. They gave me no reason, no explanation. Now, Murali Ji has not met me at all. He is with them, which means he has left the order, because he comes under the control of acharya Samadarshini and she came and told me “I’m leaving the order” without giving me any explanation. Murali has never even come to see me. Therefore, as far as I’m concerned, he is not a monk. He is not a guide in the order. Therefore, he does not represent me.


If he’s coming there, he’s coming on his own, but he does not represent me. That is the position. As far as I’m concerned, my contact point for Russia is German. And the contact for you in India is Narseema Kumar. Whatever you want, you can talk to Narseema Kumar. Whatever we want to pass on to you, we’ll pass it on to German, because we have known German from the beginning. So we’ll pass it on to him and of course you can communicate to him or if you want something you can communicate to Narseema Kumar. So Narseema Kumar is the contact point here, German is the contact point there. As far as Murali is concerned, he is not in touch with us.


German: How could this happen with the former senior guides? We were thinking that they are in a very deep state and your closest disciples. How could it happen? Can you explain?


Bhagavan: See, one is, the enlightened state is different from becoming enlightened. Enlightenment is a permanent state, it does not reverse. Enlightened state is something as the kundalini comes up, it comes, as it goes down, it goes down. They were in a very, very high enlightened state, a lot of people are in high enlightened states, but that is not enlightenment, it can come, it can go. So that’s what it is.


How this could happen, my own feeling is, you must have heard of a person called Ramana Maharishi. He was having cancer and once one gentleman came and asked him “would you be able to transfer the cancer to me?” In India we transfer these things. And he said, “Whose cancer is it? It’s only your cancer I’m experiencing”.


I, myself, have transferred cancer from one person to another person. Some years ago a mother and daughter came to me and the mother told me “Please, transfer my daughter’s cancer to me!”  I said “No, I won’t do it.” She insisted, then of course, I did the transfer. It takes only 3-5 minutes to transfer. A week later the lady died and the girl survived.


Now, I have a feeling, I deal a lot with human relationships. I go on setting right human relationships. Sometimes when the teaching does not work, I use an excessive dose of blessing to set it right. Whenever we are handling these problems, we have what is called negative karma it will come from the other person. We have to pick it up and throw it out to the cosmos otherwise it will affect the person concerned.


Maybe, because in India I do a lot of this relationship setting, I could have made some mistake, I do not know. Otherwise I don’t see why suddenly all these relationships have become like this. That is at least my understanding.


But the practical reasons are my ideas of dissolving things and they did not like it. That is at the practical level. But why should they object to it, I really do not know. I have a feeling it could be this karmic thing because it happened all of a sudden. So that’s my understanding of it.


German: What about Amma? How does she see the situation? Where is she?


Bhagavan: Amma is in Nemam and she feels very sad about the developments. She is still having pain at what has happened.


German: What about prophecies and how people can develop their state? What is your vision about what we can do now and how we can help in this situation?


Bhagavan: As far as you’re concerned, you have the freedom to either go to Italy or to come to India for the courses. That’s the first thing. Because I understand that many of you would like to come to India, that you prefer India to Italy, so there’s nothing to prevent you from coming to India. You can come here. You can have Level 1 and Level 2 here and I feel that the prices will be much lower than Italy. So our whole idea is to reduce the prices to make it available to as many people as possible. So India is open to you that’s the first thing.


The other thing is, in the course of 2010, we would like to train up the trainers more whereby that in the coming year they should be able to do the courses themselves, in their own countries. That is the idea.


The third thing is, if you come to India, you could interact with me. Interacting with me is Level 3. So I have been telling that I must be interacting with people. I’m getting older. The people are getting older. 2012 is coming. So there should be more interaction with me. If there is interaction with me, they’ll rapidly grow. So you’re welcome to come to India and to stay here and interact with me. That’s the third thing.


As to what you would like to do in Russia itself with regards to either Samadarshini or Murali that is completely at your discretion. Because as I told you, my whole thing is complete freedom. So that freedom is given to you. You have to decide what you want to do. As far as I’m concerned, my contact person is German. He represents me in Russia. That is my stand. And for you the contact person is Narseema Kumar.


But how you would respond to Murali or an acharya, that’s what you have got to decide. Because my whole theme is to set man totally and unconditionally free. So I don’t want to tell you “do this, do that” I have told you my position. My position is to dissolve oneness gradually. No acharyas, no dasas and no successors. I’m very clear about it. And I give you the freedom to come to India for the courses. I give you the freedom to come to India and to relate to me.


Regarding what Murali says or acharya says, what you want to do is completely your free will. My only understanding is that courses like LIO or whatever courses, it must slowly be done by you people in your country. Indians coming from India there for a short time is OK, but if they’re going to come for a long time, then the local people will not grow.


Unless it is kept to the local people, how can there be growth in the movement? It can not grow. And it will slowly become cultish also. I do not mind them going for a year or so or for six months, but not go on doing courses there, whereby the local people will not grow. What decision must be taken, you must all decide together. I can’t decide things for you. I’m only your friend. That is my approach. I will tell you, this is the situation. What you feel good, you decide.


Did I tell you that when you come to India I will be interacting with you if you want? You must also know that the Indians love Russians most.


German: People ask when they can come and when there will be a Level 3. I think I will probably come next week and we will discuss details and then inform people how to do it and when they can come.


Bhagavan: Yes, we will discuss when you come and finalize things.


German: People want to come to celebrate NewYyear.


Bhagavan: They’re welcome.


German: A question about the name. Are we going to use the same name “Oneness” or will this name be used by the university in Italy? Who will use the brand “Oneness”?


Bhagavan: This movement is called “oneness”. The organisation is called “Oneness University” in India. It will be called Oneness University and the movement is called “oneness”.


German: Thank you very much for this possiblity to hear from you. The last question is how we can help you in this sitiuation, what we can do personally or maybe with other people, what can you suggest to us?


Bhagavan: I would welcome you to come to India to interact with me, grow faster, so that back home you can help people a lot more. That’s what I want.


Last question, can we do these video conferences regularly, maybe once a month?


Yes, we can very well have it once a month. This is also part of Level 3 and next time hopefully we’ll go into more fundamental and spiritual questions. We’ll meet once in a month.


Thank you Bhagavan!