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Skype Broadcast with Moscow, Russia Feb. 28

Kosolapov Pavel, Moscow.
Q1:Bhagavan, could you please clarify how does the two things go with
each other: a total acceptance of whatever is there inside from one
side and a natural desire to develop, rectify, get rid of patterns and
conditionings from the other?

Yes, this is a very important question. What we are trying to do is,
we are trying to liberate your consciousness which is caught up within
the mind. Consciousness is being held prisoner by the mind. We are
working to liberate you from the mind where you see your own mind
function as a separate entity. For this when we talk of acceptance,
acceptance means not that you accept, acceptance is a happening. In
dharma when we say acceptance it's not that you put in some effort and
you accept acceptance simply happens because you no more resist it.

Similarly forgiveness, not that you forgive somebody, you realize the
other person is not responsible for what he has done, many factors are
responsible for that, the whole universe is responsible for that and
therefore you see that he is totally innocent, no matter whatever he
has done and therefore forgiveness happens. When acceptance and
forgiveness happen you become free of the mind and we would say you
are liberated from the mind. When this happens natural order returns
to the mind.

When you get out of the mind, consciousness is freed of
the mind, because you are a consciousness and when you are free of the
mind, the mind returns to the natural order. So though you are now
liberated awakened still it is the same old mind. Now assume the mind
were a donkey and all these years you are carrying it on your head,
now you brought down the donkey and you are sitting on the donkey. Now
though you are ridding over the donkey called the mind, still the
donkey has to be put in order. Therefore the donkey should be trained
and conditioned to be a good donkey, you must train and condition the
mind to be a useful tool. Therefore you must work on the FCD's , FCE's
(fundamental childhood decisions, fundamental childhood experiences),
and the programming, all this must be changed to have a great donkey
to work with. So we are working on two fronts: one is bringing down
the donkey, on which you could ride, i.e liberation, freedom,
awakening. The other is changing the donkey into a good donkey, so
that you could have a good ride. So we work on the mind before
awakening and we continue to work on the mind after awakening.

Badaev Alexey, Moscow.
Q2:Dear Bhagavan! Reading people's questions, I see that many believe
that you can do anything. Many believe that your blessings change the
situation. Is it really so? If the prayer does not work, should one
accept it as the best-case scenario? Isn't it a self-deception?

It is not true. It is not that I can do anything in any situation for
anyone, it depends upon so many conditions like what your FCD's are,
your FCE's are, your past lives are, your programming is. If they are
going to prove to be a block, the blessing most often does not work.
If they are not such a big block the blessing could overcome a block,
but if they are very very strong the blessing can not overcome that in
which case we have to work on the programs the FCDs, FCEs then the
blessing would work.

Valery Vorotov, Novosibirsk.
Q3:Namaste Bhagavan! How to change the perception of life? Children
perceive the world from a state of radiant joy and expectation of a
miracle! Matured, they become more serious and "wise", changing their
perception for the worse. In some ways, we remain children touchy and
capricious, but the best part of a child is replaced by the concern
and anxiety. How to be joyous and sincere in all situations and
relationships, regardless of age and conditions? THANK YOU!

There are many things we could do but they happen to be ..... solutions,
which could work for some time and then they'll start failing. The
only solution and the ultimate solution is awakening. Until it happens
it's only a stop-gap arrangement, you can not call that a solution. So
let us all hope that we all become awakened.
Namaste, Bhagavan.