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Oneness Blessing Givers Q&A with

Krishnaraj Dasaji




Is Level One going to be offered in the USA soon or at all?  If so, how about Level 2? What are the requirements to be invited to the Level 3?  As of now, Level-1 courses would only be offered in India or Fiji and the advanced courses, in India alone. Only follow up sessions or preparatory courses for the Oneness retreats in India or Fiji would be offered in the USA or in other parts of the world. Participation in the Level-3 would be possible only through personal selection by the dasas based on the levels of inner growth, service (seva), their grasp of Amma-Bhagavan's vision and several other factors.

Will Americans who live in India (or are just visiting) be able to visit the Temple on their own.  How would they arrange to visit the temple?  Are there rooms to rent for an extended stay? Not at this point but may be in a few months from now, we will keep you informed.
I will be going to the August Level 2 in India.  Is it possible for me to go one week early, stay on the Oneness campus, and meditate in the Oneness Temple during the times it is open? The accommodation isn't enough to support the large numbers of similar requests that we receive. So, I would not encourage you to do so.

How much time will participants of the Level II in August have to be in the Temple?  How much those going in October? All participants coming for level-1 and level-2 courses are taken to the Oneness Temple usually on the last day of their process and they get to spend about an hour or more in the temple. Though Indians aren't allowed to enter the temple because the repair works are still on, we take special permission for the overseas participants alone and take them for a meditation session.  Unless they are in a course, foreign visitors may not be allowed directly unless prior permission is sought from the University staff/dasas.

Some months ago we were told there was scientific research going on about the Oneness Blessing and that preliminary results would be released soon, in a matter of weeks.  I have never heard anything since. Just wondering how things are going on that front.  The first round of tests are complete and Dr. Newberg is more than satisfied with his findings. But Dr. Newberg also wants to do many more rounds so he gathers enough proof to establish this as an irrefutable phenomenon and we haven't been consistently able to support him owing to many responsibilities. We will publish the results soon.

I heard the rumor that Oneness University representatives had been invited on the Oprah Show and that that had been postponed twice awaiting research results. Is this true and if so, when may that show occur? That's correct and we will let you know when the show occurs.

It was announced at the recent Oneness Conference that a Oneness Health Institute is being set up in conjuction with Dr. Rosedale and the Oneness University.  Please give us more information about this. Discussions are still on between us and Dr. Rosedale. He is expected to visit India in the later part of this year and we will definitely let you know once our Oneness Health programs are finalized.

Hi my question is: where are we supposed to write for our Oneness cert. renewal? If it expires in Oct. when sould we request it? Please wait regarding certificates. We're coming up with an entirely new system. Until we formally announce the mode of renewal, the old certificates would be valid.

How large will the groups be for August and October Level II this year?  If the courses fill up, due to the prices going up in January, will you add another course before the year 2008 is over?  We have spaces up to 100 or more participants; not sure of the numbers yet. The numbers in August have been lower.

I am a graduate of the Fiji process, and I was very interested in going to the October 2008, level II  Course in India until I found out that the price has escalated for for us.  Why is this? Why can't we go this year at the same price as the 21 day participants, then announce the price change when people can adjust and prepare to pay for it?Why is the Western World put at a financial disadvantage? How is this a Spiritual message that is supposed to empower?  How do you expect us to do the work of bringing the Blessing to the United States, when we feel like we are not appreciated and this is turning into something only for the rich?  Not at all. You have a misunderstanding there. The level-2 course price has been retained the same for the 21 days participants for this year 2008 only because they paid an even higher price for their 21 days course. We wanted to give them the time of one year to be able to complete their level-2 if they have not. Moreover, taking up  a level-2 isn't required. It is totally in your discretion. We have already equipped you during your first process with the grace and the understanding with which you can grow personally and also help others grow. Your growth is now dependent on your discovery of the divine and your levels of service (seva) bringing the Oneness Blessing to others. We have never said that you will not grow if you do not come for the level-2. While a level-2 can definitely accelerate the process of inner growth, and increase your ability and effectiveness when you are doing service, bringing the Blessing, etc, failing to attend one isn't going to impede your inner evolution.  Many Blessing Givers have only completed the first process and are serving fine and enjoying a great deal of inner growth.


The simple truth here is people are insecure that they will not grow if they don't do a level-2 and are frustrated about that, but this the wrong approach.  They cannot make their growth dependent on the actual course, but on their ability to do the inner work. The source of their fears is elsewhere and they fail to experience that inner fear. If they stay focused on their inner growth and on seva, instead of their cravings, whatever they have learned in level-1 can take them quite far!  Question yourself honestly beyond questioning the prices, what am I really looking for? Am I really seeking inner growth or something else in the name of spiritual growth? Am I doing the hard, inner work? Am I really prepared to serve and to contribute or am I only obsessed about my own development?' Do this introspection very honestly and stay with your fears as they arise and let me know if you do not find yourself growing.  The idea that we favor only rich people is a bit absurd, as thousands of people of every income level have been initiated as Blessing Givers, and we have not discriminated to anyone.  The benefits of the Oneness Process are for your entire life, and all over the world people pay far more in one year for things like vacations and meals at restaurants, which do not give you the lasting effects that this does.


I give blessings along with quite a number of other Blessing Givers who have been through the level II course.  Is there a difference in the blessing that comes through me then through them as in is it as strong?  I am wondering if I should give a blessing for a long amount of time than they do.  In principle, the blessings flowing through a level-2 participant may be stronger if they have taken a deeper understanding of the teachings, and because the initiation at the level 2 is stronger in terms of the ability and dedication to serve, but the initiation at Level I also helps with this, it's a very individual thing.  What really amplifies the Blessing is your own growth and understanding of the teachings, how you use the teachings to develop spiritually and in your daily life, how you experience your own and that of others, and how many times you are giving the Blessing or doing service. 

Would you explain to me why it is that some times I feel very, very ready to do AmmaBhagavan's work, and others I feel so disinterested and tired of it all, especially when I see conflict among Blessing Givers and also you have raised the price of the course in such a way that now my daughters and I will not be able to attend the Level II, as we cannot go this year.  That is how you tend to be when the charges are still in control of your life, the mind oscillates between faith and disbelief. Moments when the charges are suspended, the inner world feels very fulfilled and nice, but when they become active, you fall prey to frustration. You can ask Amma Bhagavan to help you in the healing of your charges, ask for a Blessing, and experience what is going on when you see these conflicts, what is going on inside when you fluctuate in one direction or the next?

I was asked by a receiver of the blessing if the Oneness Blessing is from the same source as as darshan, empowerments, and other blessings and healing modalities that tap into universal energy.  What is unique about the Oneness Blessing since it all comes from the same source?  I personally feel the unmistakable power of it, more than with anything else I have received, but how do I explain it to someone who asks?   The difference here is Amma Bhagavan's intent to awaken humanity into Oneness. Please understand the Blessing is not only a flow of Universal energy but also a focused flow of their intent and it is their intent that makes this energy work in this peculiar manner and helps bring about inner transformation. It is their intent that makes this phenomenon affect the physical brain and awaken you to Oneness. That has been Amma-Bhagavan's preparartion since their childhood. though the process of giving or receiving the Blessings seems so simple to us today, we must never forget that enormous amount of hard work has gone into simplifying it to this level and bringing about the unique effects that it has on those who receive it.  That is why we are eternally grateful to Amma Bhagavan, bcos in one way, they have done spiritual penance for all of humanity put together and we are today reaping the fruits of their intense dedication and sacrifice over the last 5 decades.

You have told us that once relationships are alright then financial problems will also set right. I know someone who has good relationship with everyone but has been suffering financially for the last 13 years. He is one of the pioneers of the Oneness movement who helped many people and brought many into the movement.  I also know some of the original members who have done so many courses but have terrible relationships.   Can you explain why this is so and how can people be helped?  The teachings will apply to each of you personally, individually, and are dependent on how each person engages in this work. Comparison is not a healthy thing, people may have been avoiding some of the most necessary aspects of the teachings, but we can't know because each person's growth is different.  If you try to understand this by looking at the lives of others, you will fail. What do you know about what's happening within him/her?  You can never know what is going on inside a person's head or in their inner lives.  Please tell him or her to write to me directly and I will help them.

I have a question for Krishnaraj regarding my memory.   Since receiving/giving Oneness Blessing I seem to be recalling events differently from other people on many occasions.  Even to the extent that I have no memory of events that people are relating when they seem certain I was there at the time.  It's a little disconcerting.  It's getting hard to trust my recall which is undermining my self-confidence. Seek Medical help first, because often it is a risk to adjudicate things that happen to your mind or body to spiritual effects but you cannot overlook physical reality. There is also a chance you may have other things going on in your life such as stress, so check that too with the doctor.  If things are fine medically, you may have to just pray to the divine and wait for the tides to turn. May be it is just a passing phase in your spiritual development.

I am getting stronger and more proficient at giving distance intent blessings with regular practice, as I feel the energy more and from feedback from my recipients. Please compare and contrast a "prayer" and an "intent blessing." I am not sure if I can really contrast a prayer and an intent blessing, as a Blessing is essentially a focused prayer. But there is a difference here since you are not just praying but also sending a particular kind of energy namely the Oneness Blessing. This is being made possible bcos of Amma-Bhagavan's intent to awaken humanity into Oneness and when you are initiated by us, you start tuning into their intent and their consciousness, you join in this energy

Anandagiri spoke at length about "faith" at the conference. I would like for Krishnaraj to compare and contrast "faith" and "confidence." What is the difference? I think the difference is the depth of the experience. Faith can also be considered as some kind of a confidence that you can now freely deal with suffering and you need not always try to run away from it. But I feel confidence is used more in a external sense, pertaining to dealing with situations in your material life, while faith is internal and pertains to dealing with your inner experience.

How do I serve the Oneness movement as a vehicle of peace and blessings?  My inquiry for him is in helping us with tips for staying in the feelings--I often feel like I am whirling around in them and nothing shifts.eels so different from India where we have their energetic support.

I again have to say this is a matter around the issue of staying with your suffering, which you need to learn instead of escaping, and you can pray so you may do it alone and without needing help all the time.  Staying with your suffering leads to all kinds of learning.  Once u get a hang of that, your heart flowers and you discover inner freedom. Once you awaken to that freedom, life naturally feels very guided by the higher intelligence and you will know how to help people of every background, you will find ways to do service to others and be clear in your intent.  We will also support you in whatever way we can.