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An Update to the Oneness Family

18 11 2009

Dear Oneness Family,

We have been approached time and again over the last few days to offer clarifications about the current situation that we are faced with in the Oneness Movement. We were deliberately not entertaining these requests as we felt we needed to first approach Sri Bhagavan and clarify things with Him.

In this regard, I am happy to state that I had the opportunity to meet with Sri Bhagavan on the 17th November and discuss elaborately with Him about the decision of all the guides. I also had the opportunity to clearly explain to Him the numerous circumstances that governed their decision.

Sri Bhagavan was happy to know of our position and will arrive at a decision in a week’s time. We wish to inform you of this development to help you feel relaxed and patiently await Sri Bhagavan’s decision.

Thank you for all your support and love and we are very sorry for the confusion that you have been put through.

With love,

Sri Krishnaji.