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Sri Bhagavan videocall with Israel, 11-28-09


Bhagavan’s Darshan Herzalia, Israel 28/11/2009


Bhagavan:    Namaste

Olivia: Namaste, Namaste Bhagavan, Namaste.


(A conversation about the practicalities of the Skype first).


Olivia: The first question is:

What is your vision for enlightenment for the West and for the Westerners?


Bhagavan: So my answer is there is no such thing as a Western enlightenment or an Eastern enlightenment.  It is the same. What we are trying to achieve is, we want to break alienation between man and man. So we find in society, a husband is not able to connect to his wife, a wife to a husband, a parent to the child, a friend with a friend, an employer to employee. So human beings are feeling alienated. They feel like strangers with one another.


In 2012 we want to break this alienation, where people will feel that the other is myself. We will not be disconnected. We will feel one with the other. And for that to happen you need a higher level consciousness. Now we are functioning from a lower level consciousness which is responsible for all the world problems. And we believe that when we raise the levels of consciousness Oneness is a natural happening which will dissolve all the world’s problems be it political, be it religious, be it economic. Whatever the problems are, they are most likely to dissolve, if we discover Oneness and function from a higher level consciousness. It will be the same both in the East and in the West. That’s my answer for the first question.


Olivia: Thank you Bhagavan. The next question is: What will be the contact between you and the Western Oneness Blessing Givers and the Western Oneness followers?


Bhagavan:  My contact will be on the Skype like this, where we will have a question and answer session and maybe later a prayer session where you pray to your own God, but I’ll be joining you in that, and then there will be meditation and I’ll be helping you to grow. So it is as though I’m right in Israel there, talking to you. So what’s going to happen is this is going to become a regular affair, these Skype conferences and they’ll be increasing in number. And in the year 2012 every month there will be four or so and it will be increasing month after month, and in Dec. 2012, every day I’ll be in contact with you through the month of Dec. in order that we raise the levels of consciousness, using the energies of 2012, and we can affect the world in a big way. That is the 2nd answer to the 2nd.


Olivia: Thank you Bhagavan.The third question is: What will be your sadhana for the Western Oneness  Blessing Givers?


Bhagavan: Their sadhana is practicing inner integrity. Now if you go on practicing inner integrity for about 49 min a day in multiples of 7, 7 minutes, 14, 21, 28 like that. If you go on practicing, to contemplate for 21 days it will almost become automatic and natural. When that happens there is a rapid spiritual growth. That is the sadhana I prescribe now for the Westerners.


Olivia: Thank you Bhagavan. The next question is: What is the function of the World Oneness Temple now?


Bhagavan: Yes, the Oneness Temple, we will soon start meditating there. The Dasas will be meditating, the blessing givers will be meditating as well as the trainers will be meditating, the general public will meditate. It is a special what they call a yantra in India, where if you meditate inside that, it generates a lot of power which we will be transferring to other parts of the world. Like we will be Skyping it away to you as it’s going on in the Temple and you will find that your states will be moving higher up. So it will be used for raising people’s levels of consciousness. That is the answer for the 4th question.


Olivia: Thank you


Bhagavan: Now I would like to say some things. Now, our plan of action is, that by 2012 we should have groups of Blessing Givers, let us say Israel, groups of blessing givers small size, medium size, big size, who will be  giving blessings to each other in the special technique which we will teach you in 2012. As they give their blessings to each other, you will be moving into higher states of consciousness. That will depend upon the religion you follow and your background. Now if you are a Jew then your experiences would conform to your religious tradition. If you are a Christian it will conform to your Christian tradition. If you are a Muslim, it will conform to your Muslim tradition. If you are Hindu, it will conform to Hindu tradition. So what experience you will be having is what your religion talks about. Now if there are going to be Jews, Christians, Muslims in Israel for example, they’ll not have the same experiences. They’ll get unique, different experiences pertaining to their faith. But one strange thing will happen, though their experiences are not the same, that’s why we are not called sameness, we are called Oneness, they’ll feel one with each other. A Jew discovering his own faith and a Muslim discovering his own faith, will become close friends. They will discover Oneness not sameness. It will be two distinctly different experiences but leading to Oneness. Now, this must happen pretty fast so we need a lot more Blessing Givers in 2010, 2011. We must have it build up for 2012. Now in Israel we think you are the only trainer there I think.


Olivia: Yes, I am.


Bhagavan: The only one, so what you should do is from Dec. the 3rd you can conduct a Oneness Experience Course. At the end of that, you can initiate your participants to become Blessing Givers. They need not have to come to India; they do not have to attend anymore courses. You remove the video from the training course, take in all the context, digest it and from your experience you must talk and after that is over you must initiate them. And we will teach you the initiation process, I‘ll  just demonstrate it to you. You can watch it. This can be done; when does the sun rise in Israel? What time in the morning?


Olivia: 5:30 about 5:40.


Bhagavan: Okay, so, right, Dec 3rd after sunrise this will come into force. We will be activating some things here.  They are using the remote.  Thereafter the blessings will flow to you and you will be able to make anybody you like into a BG after the Oneness Experience Course. So, you can produce large numbers of BGs, they do not have to come to India or attend any more courses. And if you feel more trainers are required, you can recommend them and send them to India. We’ll train them all. It will take 10 days. The courses are completely free. You will only pay for the accommodation, the food, the laundry and the internal transport. No money will be charged for the course. So you will say how many more trainers you’ll require and you will send them. So we will do that for you. Now I will give you a simple demonstration of what you must do.


 Olivia: Okay Bhagavan.


Bhagavan: Can you see his head?

 Olivia: Yes, we can.


Bhagavan; Now, what you must do is, after the course is over you must be relaxed and he must be relaxed; then, you must place your middle fingers in the center of his head, on this spot we call the Brahmastan.  At babies you must have seen a soft area in the center of the head, which slowly becomes hard. That is the key spot. You are to put your two middle fingers on that spot the other fingers can rest on the head, where the thumbs touch and the forefingers touch forming some kind of pyramid. Then if you are in touch with your God, you must pray to your God; “Please enter into him and make him into a BG.”. Your Jewish God or your Christian God or your Islamic God or your Buddhist God, whatever is there. If you do not have connection with your God, then you must pray to AmmaBhagavan saying “Amma Bhagavan, please enter into him and make him into a BG.”. With Amma Bhagavan, whether you have a connection or not we‘ll come in. But with the others, you must have a connection with them. If you have a connection with them it will work. If you do not have a connection you will want to use AmmaBhagavan; who, whether you have a connection or not, we’ll come in. That is all; you have initiated him to becoming a BG. So this you must start on Dec. 3rd itself, because we don’t have much time to lose. You must produce a large number of BGs for us to organize as groups for them to be getting ready for 2012.  And I will be talking with them and helping them grow and preparing them for 2012. And in case you feel more BGs are required, more trainers are required, you can recommend them and send them to India, we will train them all. This I wanted to talk.  I have spoken. Now shall we go to meditation?


Olivia: Yes


Bhagavan: So it will be 3 min. Next time we will have longer meditations and more powerful meditations.


Olivia: Thank you Bhagavan.




Bhagavan: Love you all!


BGs: Thank you Bhagavan


Bhagavan: See you next time.


BGs: Thank you Bhagavan, We love you!