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February 20, 2011 Sri Bhagavan Broadcast with Germany


(no video available)  


Welcome Address: Beloved Bhagavan, we are full of joy and happiness. Bhagavan, we are about 310 people, more than 100 trainers, Bhagavan, and more than 200 Deeksha givers. We are very, very happy, Bhagavan. We are assembled here from all over Germany. Dearest Bhagavan, this is an amazing event. It's a great gift. Thank you so very much for your joining us, for giving us such an opportunity. Bhagavan, people are so excited and so very, very happy. Thank you.


Bhagavan, Vidhyakarji has all the questions and wishes.


1. Bhagavan, what will happen to the people who are not focused on awakening?


Our focus is on 70,000 people. What we believe is when 70,000 people become awakened the rest of humanity would naturally undergo a shift in consciousness. Now, when 70, 000 people become awakened the power that is generated is 70, 000 (...not audible...) 70,000; a huge amount of power which could bring out a shift in human consciousness. In ancient Indian scriptures this 70,000 is referred to as the army of 64,000. That is the current population is about 6.9 billion, we need about 70,000 people. So this Oneness is more like an elite club of 70,000 awakened people. Once we achieve this number, the rest of humanity would naturally but gradually undergo a shift in consciousness. We hope to get to this number 70,000 possibly by end of October 2011. If there is a delay it should be latest by December 21, 2012.



2. Bhagavan, what to do if people don't want to know anything about awakening? Am I allowed to go into action?


You will not disturb such people; they have every right to be like this and to follow their non-interest. They should not be disturbed. These 70,000 people we are talking about are special people who have definitely come down for this special mission. They would naturally come to you and listen to you. The others should not be disturbed. But in due course as the 70,000 become awakened they, too, naturally become awakened. These 70,000 are like lighthouses who light up the




3. Bhagavan, what is the position of our country, of Germany, in the spiritual evolution in these times when we enter the Golden Age?


The special role of Germany is to bring out order. (...bad quality of sound...) the role of Germany is to bring out order in Oneness.



4. What do you mean by saying: "not to do anything". We are happy when we learn to create, when we can use our creative power. Thank you, Bhagavan.


Oneness teachings must be correctly understood otherwise they are quite dangerous. Oneness teachings must be correctly understood otherwise they could be quite dangerous. What the teachings mean is, you could be very active, you could be very creative, you could do all that you want to do, but then when you are awakened, you would feel that you are doing nothing. That is why we have said 'these teachings are not to be practiced.' They are there to help you understand that you are awakened, to help program your consciousness and if you wrongly understand that you are awakened, they are there to inform you that you are not awakened.



5. Dearest Bhagavan, please erase the German karma with Hitler, the energy which is still active here. We need to "clean" the country. Thank you, Bhagavan.


Once the requisite numbers of Germans are awakened, the German karma would naturally be washed off. The entire nation would be free of that particular karma.


(audience: Thank you, Bhagavan!)


6. So far I have only known few people who are awakened. When will the 64,000 people awaken which will help you to awaken the whole planet? Thank you, Bhagavan.


Awakening is happening very fast now and it's happening all around the planet. So we believe that if we continue in the same way we should by the end of this year get to the number 70,000. I have the strong feeling that somehow you are going to get awakened very, very fast.


So I am going to now strongly bless you and give you Deeksha that the process would be very, very fast for you. So we will do a special meditation for the next 4-5 minutes which would get you very, very close to awakening in the next few weeks.


We will start.


Love you all. Love you.


(audience: Love you, Bhagavan!)


I will see you in the process.