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Sri Bhagavan's Video Teleconference with

Florida Oneness Facilitators 11/21/09 

Blessing Givers discussing the changes in Oneness

after our Skype Darshan with Sri Bhagavan

at Flowering Heart Center

"Sri Bhagavan, we all want to express our deep love and gratitude to you & Amma for your Grace in our lives and on this planet. Thank you for setting right the direction of the Oneness Movement. Many of us have been praying for a long time for the changes that are happening now. We want to offer you our full support and appreciation. AmmaBhagavan Saranam!"

These are our questions:

1. Sri Bhagavan, what could we do at this critical time to best serve the Dharma and to help facilitate the vision of AmmaBhagavan? 

Sri Bhagavan: One is the practice of inner integrity. The other is we have a different plan for 2012. Now this phenomenon, which is normally called the AmmaBhagavan phenomenon in India or the Oneness phenomenon, began in the year 1989. Now 1989 was the time when we believe that the New Age was conceived which led to a shift of energies. So, 1989 was the year when there was an energetic shift. Thatís why we had the Berlin wall collapsing, the reunification of West Germany & East Germany, the failure of communism, and we saw the event in Beijing where there was a studentís threat and we sawÖ (3:14?) Öand lots of people all over the world underwent a great transformation in the year 1989. Our phenomena here began in 1989. Now we believe that in the year 2012 that there will be another much more powerful energy shift. Now what happened in 1989, people were not aware of the energy shift. But in the general sense of people all over the world and people involved, people who destroyed communism they could profit from the energy shift. Now in 2012 there will be a major shift of energy which people from all walks of life will make use of. For example, healthcare workers will change peopleís perception in the year 2012, because when energies change, perception changes. Similarly decision makers will make use of it, environmentalists can make use of it, and artists can make use of it, politicians can make use if it, to bring about changes in government, all can make use of it. And spiritual people can also make use of it no matter what their teaching is or what their perceptions about God are, everybody can make use of this. If you are in the inner-city you can make use of 2012 if you want. So these higher energies can be made use of to bring about a perceptual shift which will lead the rise in consciousness. That is 2012. Now what I want from you to achieve this objective is, I donít want the level one or level two processes happening in Italy or Fiji or in India. I want the Oneness Trainers themselves to conduct these courses in their own countries. Not only that, they shall initiate people into becoming Blessing Givers. There is no need for them to come to any of these countries, Fiji or Italy or India, because itís best in their own countries they themselves can initiate people into becoming Blessing Givers. With that the charges will be very low and lots of people can be doing it and then there would be an explosion of blessing givers. That is 2010. In 2011, with the growing phenomenon, 2011, our numbers will have grown so much that a Blessing Giver can he himself initiate, he need not be a trainer, a Blessing Giver himself can initiate another person to becoming a blessing giver. The big explosion happens in 2011. And in 2012 these Blessing Givers shall form groups, small groups, medium sized groups, and large groups in villages, in cities, house, whatever they want. But they must form groups to give them a special kind of Deeksha which they will give to each other. Suppose there are a 100 people in the group or whether youíre there with 24 people, you will start giving deekshas to each other and receive in a tribe manner. And that is in the year 2012. Because of the energies, you are not responsible for those energies, that is being produced by nature, you are merely making use of it. So what happens, there will be tremendous changes in your consciousness, you will start growing in your consciousness. Now what will happen is if you are a Christian and youíre devoted to Christ, youíd experience Christ consciousness. If you are a Muslim, you will experience the essence of Islam. If you are a Buddhist, you will experience Buddha consciousness, if you are a Hindu, you may experience Krishna or Rama consciousness. Itís completely yours, itís your choice. And this change in consciousness is not something that comes and goes. Itís a permanently altered state of consciousness. So people who start living in this state of consciousness, Christ consciousness, Buddha consciousness, Hindu consciousness, Islamic consciousness, when that happens how many think there could be problems in the world? All these problems exist because they are functioning from a lower level of consciousness. The level goes up the problems will naturally cease. That is what we are hoping to achieve.

So after that, all this work must be done by yourselves. We do not want to train you from India. We will give you help, we will give you teachings, we will train you, but you are on your own. For us, the individual is very, very important. So we do not want you to call this is oneness...(7:24) You are a trainer. Thatís all. Michael Milner is a trainer in his own right. So he will take in some Oneness...(7:33)... He will make his own courses. All of you can do your own thing. That is Oneness.

Oneness is to set man totally and unconditionally free. We had this sign at Satyaloka it was a huge board at the entrance it said this message is to set man totally unconditionally free, including freedom from AmmaBhagwan themselves, like the sign at Jeev Ashram. So we want you to be on your own starting 2010 as early as possible. And you will conduct your courses, you will initiate people. Thatís so you want to cooperate with me.

And in 2011 the Blessing Givers can start cooperating with assisting in initiating Blessing Givers. In 2012 should help me by forming small groups or bigger and bigger or whatever you want and start giving each other the kind of blessing we will be teaching you. And it will start really happening. And when that happens you are bound to effect world consciousness and that is 2012. Of course youÖ (8:33?) Öright on through 2030 etc. And the way this is growing and the wonderful things that will be happening, and there will be growing and growing and growing, there is no end to it. But what we want to do is help you between 2013 and 2014 to stabilize. After March 2014 we want to fade away from the scene. AmmaBhagwan and all the rest of us, we want to return to very normal, simple, anonymous lives. We will not trade anything like obedience to something for oneness, or will not trade any significance or any importance orÖ (9:06?)Ö. That is the best way to destroy oneness. Oneness shall live in your hearts as the living experience. Your hearts shall be the temples, not some temple out there. So you will have it in your heart and you will pass it on from generation to generation while we have completely faded from the scene. This is the whole program. So you have aÖ (9:25?) Öpart to play in thisÖ (9:29?)... So I go on to the next question.

2. Sri Bhagavan, what could we be doing now to help ourselves grow spiritually as quickly as possible, both as individuals & collectively as a community?

Sri Bhagavan: Yes, you should as a community start practicing inner integrity, because it is a small community there is no danger in practicing inner integrity or even external integrity if you think it is possible. Otherwise inner integrity, helping out each other and you must learn the art of listening. That is if someone has a problem the others must listen without judging or condemning. Mere listening will make another person grow. Actually a person will grow if you just listen to him like a friend without any judgment or any condemnation unleashed what-so-ever. Thatís the first thing. But as you listen somebody might feel, okay I will touch him on his head or his shoulder or hold his hand or just cry with him. And if you do that he will almost be healed. You are going to witness it, theÖ(10:38?)... That is what you are going to do but thatís only one part. The other thing is to witness the activity of conducting the courses yourselves. Thatís the most important thing and you must start initiating people to become Blessing Givers. Weíve no time to waste for the clear-cut plan for 2010 until 2012, and weíve only got three years. Time is running out, this phenomenon began in í89, and because it has been controlled by, as a business. Now we are at a point where it cannot control any more, we should not control anymore, it has to be let loose. And letting it loose is the charges must come down and we should not talk about those, and there shall be so many courses. We should help them to become a Blessing Giver or to grow. The Deeksha will become enhanced, it will do wonders. But the courses, so many of them it will actually stamp out the power of the Deeksha, it is filled with new stuff. So it is a two chase, one is the money part which is quite expensive, that has to go. I donít mind people charging because you have to pay your expenses, your rent, the living of one there, but not huge charges, that should go. The other is asking after people to take so many courses, I do not know why. If these two changes are removed, the phenomenon will explode and youíll be healed. And thatís it.

3. Sri Bhagavan, many Blessing Givers want to know when we will be able to make arrangements to come to India to be with you & Amma and to meditate with you in the Oneness Temple, do Level 3, & offer levels 1 and 2 in America?  

Sri Bhagavan: It should possibly happen in December itself, December itself.

Level one and level two, the moment they come here they (the Oneness Trainers) will be given some training in the time of almost immediately, probably by February or so. And level three is my interacting with you. We are not going into depth into spirituality; itís the first time we are meeting. I see there is more and more probability we could meet once in a month. So, we will be going much deeper into spirituality. That is level three. Itís not a course. Itís my interaction with you. That is level three.

Thank you for your darshan, Bhagavan. We love you and Amma very much!

Sri Bhagavan: Thank you so much. Love you all so much, so letís grow together very, very fast. Letís achieve our mission of 2012. Love you Michael, love you so muchÖ Iím with you. Love you all.