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An Experience with AMMA



It was an evening full of joy and jubilation. The Divine Mother Amma was meeting groups of devotees who had participated in a retreat. It was an unexpected blessing. Groups of devotees waited under the cool shade of mango trees, some were lost in silent meditation – a few were singing their favorite bhajans to their beloved Amma.

The beauty, radiance and joy that emanated from Amma’s countenance and the innocent smile and intense attention with which Amma gazed at them, transported them into yet another world.

One particular lady, she touched Amma’s divine feet and said, “Amma, how much you love me. A few days ago as I sat praying in front of the Srimurthi (portrait), I had a profound experience where I felt you had entered into my body. Over the next few days, I was in a strange state of love where I would feel the pain and joy that people feel in their bodies and minds. I could not feel any separation from them. Amma! What is the state you gave me?”

“My child! This state is called Maha Karuna. The state of great compassion. It is a state where your heart has fully blossomed”.

Looking at others Amma said, “On the spiritual path it is futile to compare yourself with another. Each one of you would take your own sweet time to reach to higher states of consciousness”.

“You come out of your mothers womb in a day – you had to stay there for nine months before you could emerge into the outer world. Do not be hasty. Each one of you is blessed in a unique manner”.

“I am giving each one of you a gold coin – on the gold coins are written different letters – one says Peace, one says Love, another Wealth, another a Divine experience, another Suffering, another Enlightenment. Each one of you are comparing one coin with another instead of realizing it is a gold coin nevertheless. I love you all the same and all of you would definitely attain to Enlightenment”.

“Divine grace is like a breeze that comes through the window. You cannot make it come. All that you need to do is to wait for it patiently and passionately”.

Start communicating with the Lord in your heart for a few minutes silently. Automatically you will begin to progress. For the Lord it does not take time When Bhagavan gives you an experience, He will show you the whole Universe in a second. How can you ever understand the nature of a mystical experience. It is beyond the mind. Start your sadhanas, I and Bhagavan will be with you.”.

“What I am asking you is not whether you are a Paramahamsa or a Ramana Maharishi. All that I ask you is, ‘ARE YOU – YOU?”.