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Sri Bhagawan’s Web Darshan at the Khan Saheb Centre, Dubai, U.A.E. on Friday 19th February 2010


Bhagawan: Namaste, I am very happy to see you all.

Devotees:             Thank you very much. We are also very happy.

Bhagawan: Yuvaji and Subhadraji I love you all. You could go ahead.

Subhasreeji:         Thank you. I will be asking the questions. The first question is -

Question 1:          Bhagawan, you have created a magnificent temple for the sake of humanity with specific goals and objectives. How can we realize the full potential of the Oneness temple which forms a key component of your vision? As your devotees, what is our role? What are your plans for this?

Bhagawan: This temple, which we now call the ‘Mukthi Mandapam’. It was designed like a machine to give you Mukthi. It’s actually the 3D form of the Surya Yantra. So as we enter the structure, it very naturally activates the kundalini and starts making the chakras move faster. Now when that happens, we will also give you deekshas there; then the deeksha also becomes magnified several times over. Now, the purpose of building this temple is to affect planetary energies which would be changing near 2012. So it affects the planet as a whole like the Pyramids and Stonehenge and the other ancient monuments. They too are made for the same purposes. And the other purpose is to awaken the individual.

So...we have started the process now and the last few weeks, we have been getting very dramatic results. Almost every day, here or there, somebody is getting awakened. So now we are keeping track of the awakened people. On the website (, we are uploading the westerners and East Asians like the Chinese, Japanese...we are uploading them and soon we will be uploading the Indians also and its like, “The rocket has been launched”. It’s taken off now; so Mukthi is happening. In the next weeks and months, you will see, it’s going to accelerate like anything.

Probably for the first time in human history, this is happening...that too with a specific program, people are becoming awakened. Otherwise there is one Buddha here, one Ramana there or one Ramakrishna there. Nobody underwent a specific program or process and became awakened. It was more often spontaneous. This could be probably the first time in world history that it’s happening and we are getting very very good results and they are coming in very fast now. Keep an eye on the website; we have many more cases with us. We don’t have time to upload them but we will be uploading them and I recommend that you read these experiences. How some have got Buddhist enlightenment, some have got Hindu enlightenment, some have got Christian enlightenment, and some have become God realized. So all varieties are happening now. That’ll be very educative for you; then when you come to the temple, we hope to do the same process for you and very soon, you too could be awakened. (Sound muffled by applause)...…being achieved now.

Subhasreeji:         Now is the 2nd Question – Bhagawan, we have contemplated on your teaching – ‘’To see is to be free” many times. We find that we are filled with negative emotions like jealousy, lust, fear etc. However, this non-judgmental awareness lasts for a very brief period and we go back to judging ourselves. Very soon, we are controlled by the overpowering force of our negative emotions. Can you please guide us what to do to overcome this? Please give us a blessing to make “SEEING” a natural phenomenon for all of us.

Bhagawan – “To see is to be free”…that happens for a short time but then for it to continue, you have to watch the naming process in which the mind indulges. The problem is with the naming process. Like for example, if a child would look at a tree, it does not call it a tree, it does not know what it is but it is nevertheless experiencing the tree. On the other hand, you say that it is a coconut tree or a mango tree or whatever tree it is, and then you say what a nice fruit it has, I’d like to have it…and then the whole commentary starts. Actually, what is happening is happening there, that’s all, over which you have no control. The whole universe is involved in it. But you call it a negative thought, you call it a negative emotion, you call it jealousy, lust, anger, hatred. The problem is not with anger, not with jealousy, not with hatred but it is with your naming. Why do you call it anger, lust, hatred? Why do you name it? Whatever is there is there. And whether the thought is lust or God, both are equally sacred because God is both and there’s nothing but God only. The universe is God and God is the universe. So how cold you say that this is bad..this is good? Obviously you can’t say that. Unless we have the high and the low, the up and the down, the front and the back, there can be no creation. If you have an electron, you must have the proton. If you have matter, you must have anti matter. You can’t do without both sides and that’s the essential principle of creation. So they’ll all be there and I have often told you...It’s not your mind, it’s the human mind. It has been so and it will be so. The structure has not changed. Jealousy, anger, hatred, lust all remain the same, fear everything ......but the objects of fear have changed, the object of lust has changed , the object of jealousy has changed, maybe it was a spear now it’s a bunglow or a car. Only the object of desire and object of all these emotions have changed but they are very much the same..does not change and it will not change. What you are hoping is that the mind will change. No, the mind will not change. The problem is that you say, “I suffer from anger”…that is where you become unenlightened. Now, there are some tribes in the world who are more or less some kind of awakened people. Their language is very strange. They won’t say “I am Angry”. In their language they say that, “I angrying, I  jealousying, I fearing” because they are seeing it as actually happening. That’s all. So that word fear...there’s no naming at all. Just to say that something is happening. Not that ‘I have fear’, ‘I have anger’. These are the people who make it very very easily. The problem with you is that you are stuck in the labeling / naming. Now, when you keep watching, you will see how the mind is involved in this trick or game of naming. That’s where the problem starts. Now, that will help you upto a point. But the thing is that your mind is ever going to be the same. Whether it’s you or for Ramana Maharishi or for Buddha, the mind cannot be changed. What has happened to them is that they have come out of the mind. They no more identify (themselves) with the mind. Now, you will say that ‘This is my mind’. That is ‘Anaatma’. Anaatma in Sanskrit means false identification. And why is there this false identification? Because of what we call in Sanskrit ‘Pragnaaparaadha’ or failure of intelligence; which is what we try to awaken in level 2. Now intelligence has flowered in Ramana or Buddha or Ramakrishna Paramhansa. And therefore they don’t identify with their mind. Their mind is just like some other animal going on the road. What do you do with a cow on the road? You do nothing, the same thing with your mind also. It’s just there. You should not think that your mind will change. No, you will no more identify with your mind. You just come out of it, you will be pulled out. The problem is you are all living in a prison. The strangest thing is that you do not even know you are in a prison. You’ve have so beautifully decorated the prison. Nice Dining table, curtains, air conditioner, and kitchen everything is there. But that does not mean you are really enjoying it. There is no true enjoyment. But then you have been able to manage your suffering. You all got an MBA in the art of managing your suffering. For what is the dining table, that is the security of your husband. What’s the kitchen? That’s the security of your wife. What are small chairs? They are for the children, air conditioners are for your parents; or name or fame. So name, fame and all attachments, they are the furniture of the house. That’s being nicely put in a place and I am all for it. So but then you got to realise that still it’s only a prison. And then you must try to come out of the prison because you are not living. That’s why on our channel we say ‘(From) Existing to Living’. You are just are mechanically living your life from morning to night, year after year and finally what is there...Nothing, it’s the end of it. So in order to live, you must come out of the mind. There is a lock inside which you must blast open. How? By realising that you are in a prison. But still you cannot come out. We who are outside will come and blast the lock outside and pull you out. This is called Mukthi or Awakening. That we will do.

So in the month of January, I have already given the teaching “To see is to be free”. Now, for the month of February, I have already given the teaching to some other Satsangh in Dubai or you can go to the Russian website. The teaching you got to contemplate on is for the month of February. For the month of March, we will give you another teaching and as you go on contemplating, and then you will finally come for a process in the Mukthi Mandapam and then hopefully, you will go back to Dubai fully awakened. And it will become easier if we have more deeksha givers in Dubai itself because you must give and take deekshas. Therefore, those who run the Satsanghs like Yuvaji and Subhadraji, we will be making them into initiators of deekshas, that means they can initiate you there itself to become deeksha givers. And then, we will also be making them Oneness Level 1 teachers. We would be first initiating them to become initiators themselves. That could start as soon as they come to India; we are now ready so you must learn to become deeksha givers. It is giving and receiving, this must go on in Dubai.  Giving is more powerful than receiving deekshas actually. It will start the process. As you listen to me on the Skype month by month and you do this giving and receiving, maybe there itself you could become awakened. Or when you come to the ‘Mukthi Mandapam’, you could become awakened. So you are pretty close to it all of you. So don’t think it’s some far off thing.

Subhasreeji:         Thank you..thank you..(Applause)

Bhagawan: You are getting closer and closer (to awakening / Mukthi) as we are getting closer to 2012.

Subhasreeji:         We are all grateful.

Bhagawan: You will know what exactly it is to live. Right now you are merely existing, that’s all. Yes

Subhasreeji:         Thank you Bhagawan, we are all grateful. Thank you. Thank you. Now our last question - Many of us seem to be suffering from high level of insecurity and fear about our jobs and economic status under current circumstances. Could you please bless us and guide us as to how we can come out of this feeling of insecurity or fear and focus on our spiritual development?

Bhagawan: Yes, Amma and Bhagawan, we are really concerned about that and we are taking some ‘Sankalpas’ to help you and if you become deeksha givers then the giving and receiving of deekshas will very effortlessly handle the fear and the insecurity. And if in the inner world you become free of the insecurity and fear then in the external world, all things will go well for you. So the best way to handle your problems is that you must become inwardly free. Let’s say you have lost your job, it can cause tremendous insecurity and fear. Now, if through the giving and receiving of deekshas..the deeksha means that we actually flow through you so what happens is that we would remove that insecurity and fear (from within you), though you might not have a job.  And because of that, maybe in 3 – 4 days or a week or 10 days, you will get a new job. So the work has to be done inside. That’s why becoming blessing givers or becoming deeksha givers is important. That is why Yuvaji and Subhadraji must quickly become initiators and then as a group, you can handle the inner world and then the outer world automatically changes. See all problems which are there, are a reflection or a manifestation of what is going on inside. Change the inside, things change outside. That’s the technique. So don’t worry about it, we are with you, we will fully help you out.

Devotees (all together):           Thank you Bhagawan

Bhagawan: I don’t know if I have spoken it in this Satsangh but I have spoken it in other Satsanghs all over India so we are...we have dismantled the spiritual structure and that’s the reason why the power is picking up as we have dismantled the structure. The phenomenon is unleashed and it’s acquiring tremendous power and the Mukthi is being delivered. So as a consequence, you must know that there are no Dasas in the order. No Dasas, no Acharyas, nobody like that. The structure is completely gone. My son is not my successor, no Dasas....because they can’t succeed.  Nobody succeeds Amma Bhagawan; so the only tools we have are you people. You are the ones who will succeed; you are the ones we have got to train and handover the power so you have to get ready for that by year 2014. The first step is that the structure is being dismantled so there are no Acharyas, no Dasas. I would like to give you a small word of caution. If by any chance if you were to utter the word ‘Acharya’ and ‘Dasa’, all grace will be instantly cut off, not even an atom of grace will come for you. That you will have to be very clear, absolutely clear.  It’s exactly like your cell phone, the moment you stop playing your bills, the cell phones cease to function, it’s remotely controlled, no? The same thing here also, all things are remotely controlled and the moment you do that, grace will stop.  So no more question of…the words should not come at all. They are just my friends and helping me in this work. Before 2014, many of them would have retired and would have gone back to lead normal lives and I will be helping them to settle down in life and continue with their work. They are fully taken care of for their lives. Of course you must help me in helping them. And just like you, they’d be settling down and you will be also good enough to pick up some good bridegrooms for them or good brides for them.

Devotees (all together):           Yes Bhagawan ( Laughter)

Bhagawan: ‘Dasas’, that must go out of your system and then you will be facing towards Mukthi or Awakening. But if you use the word ‘Dasa’ or get attached to them somewhere, no hope for you. Directly relate to God, that’s all. No middle men, no middle women. Mukthi is happening because the middle people have been removed. The obstruction has been removed therefore, it’s very very fast. Hope all of you are very clear so…. now I do not know if you have already seen my message for the month of February otherwise see it and continue with your meditation.  So now we will do a short meditation for 3 minutes then you could continue with your meditation after seeing my message for February.

Devotees:  Thank You Bhagawan, thank you very much Bhagawan.