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Oneness Movement has made its headway into many nations of the world. Wherever it goes, people make it their own. It has no self- nature and hence imbibes the form and structure close to the hearts of people. Like a river that flows according to the terrain, the movement harmonizes with the emotional, cultural and spiritual needs of the people of the land.

Every people are rooted in their culture and tradition. They feel disassociated and lost whenever they are no more in touch with the essence of their source. Ancient wisdom has become redundant, as it has lost its relevance in the modern context. In its multifarious approach to Oneness the movement also rejuvenates the ancient traditions of the world taking from them the truth that is shrouded behind their symbolism. Every form of practice, ritual and faith has its own unique place in the divine scheme. They represent a specific aspect of consciousness and connect us to it.

The movement does not intend to produce any synchronistic faith by lumping all the ancient systems together. It intends to take back every faith to its pristine purity because every form of religion is sourced in a spiritual experience.

Hence the movement has no independent existence in terms of God, teaching, a code of conduct, or practices that it professes. It strengthens our existing faith by transforming it into a reality through a personal experience.


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