Deeper into Oneness:

My Experience of the

Advanced Deepening Course

By Rev. Dr. Michael Milner

The Advanced Deepening Course was one of the most significant events of my life. Everything I experienced, every Oneness Blessing (known in India as Oneness Deeksha), every homa, every meditation, every darshan, every prayer, every breakthrough, every insight, every awakening was not for me alone but also for those I represented by "proxy". (A proxy is a person authorized to act for another).

Everywhere I went, the Oneness Temple, Amma and Bhagavan’s darshans, their huts at Anadaloka 1, meditations with the Cosmic Beings and everywhere else, I carried people’s photos with me and their written petitions for divine intervention. I presented these to the Divine on their behalf and used their photos to send them Oneness Blessings (Deeksha) throughout the day, every day, for the entire month I was in India. This was the Proxy Program.

It began as something just for the people in my own weekly Oneness Blessing group, as a way to share the energy and blessing with them while I was in India. But, Bhagavan began to appear to me and tell me that He was going to specially bless the program with His Power and that I should open it up to more people. In the end, there were 267 people from 6 continents (and about 200 Guides)! The privilege of carrying them in my heart with me while I was in India set the stage for all that happened.

Prayer and meditation and a continuous transmission of Deeksha enabled me (and other Oneness Facilitators at the Deepening who sometimes joined me) to pass on the Grace we were receiving to the people in the proxy group and also to the collective consciousness of humanity! I forgot about my own state of consciousness and my own spiritual growth and became absorbed in Seva (service) for the Dharma, raising the collective consciousness of humanity, that ALL humanity might enter the life of Grace and Joy! This shift in focus is one of the main objectives of the Advanced Deepening Course.

During the Deepening I experienced tremendous GRACE! It was the first course ever held at the Oneness Temple, Golden City 1, the campus where Bhagavan now resides. The energy was so high, it is difficult to describe!


A few examples: One night, while I knelt touching the Srimurthi (the sacred picture of Amma and Bhagavan) and praying for Amma and Bhagavan to take me more deeply into Oneness, I felt electrified as Divine Shakti surged through my whole body, then I simply melted away, quietly, gently, deeply into Oneness with the Divine Presence, Sat Chit Ananda, Existence Consciousness Bliss. The effect has been permanent. Every time I touch the Srimurthi since then I have a similar experience and my ordinary awareness has shifted permanently into a profoundly deeper state of Oneness.


Another night, while I prayed for special Grace, gently touching the Padukas on the altar (the silver sandals that represent the feet of the Divine), I felt fire running up my arms and the Padukas moved forward by themselves in answer to my prayer. After that I immediately laid down on the floor in Shavasan (the yoga "corpse pose"). For a very long time, I was unable to move "my body” while "my mind” became a kaleidoscopic light display of myriad brilliant colors and feelings bursting and unfolding like a flower blossoming into the Universe. I took that as a “yes” from Amma and Bhagavan.


There were profound, enlightening teachings from the Guides, many powerful special “Amma Bhagavan Deekshas” and meditations with the Cosmic Beings. We had several meetings with former senior guide Sri Anandagiriji and received Nayana Deeksha (Oneness Blessing by direct eye contact) from former senior guide Sri Samadarshini. (These are two of the most evolved beings on the planet, both Fully Enlightened and God-Realized). One day we had darshan with Amma in the morning, Anandagiri in the afternoon and Bhagavan in the evening, all in one day!


Yes indeed, we certainly did get zapped! There were many cosmic delights during the Deepening, but these were not what really stood out for me. What did stand out were a few simple insights.


First and foremost is that the heart of awakening is SELF ACCEPTANCE, accepting ourselves as we really are with all of our strengths and weaknesses and without any attempt to cover them up. Resistance is futile and is the cause of great suffering. That's it. No Big Bang. It's not about being "zapped" into some higher mystical state. It's about SELF ACCEPTANCE. That's what opens the door to LOVE, to the FLOWERING OF THE HEART, to the AWARENESS, BLISS and JOY of the Present Moment, to ONENESS and FREEDOM from "the illusion of a separate self" with its "craving and personal suffering" and finally blossoms into the living experience of GOD REALIZATION. That's it, just SELF ACCEPTANCE. How beautiful and simple can it be? And it's all the work of DIVINE GRACE!


At one time I was waiting for the "separate self" to be completely erased. Then, I awoke one day to discover that my "personal suffering" had quietly disappeared, and that brought me great continuing Joy. At first, I wasn't sure what had happened to my "separate self". NOW I SEE CLEARLY that it never existed in the first place! Michael Milner is just a wonderfully made human bio-computer through which God, the Divine Consciousness, the Universe, is expressing and experiencing Itself. There is no one else at home here, and there never was... 

I once believed that the entire Universe would be transformed into the Body of Christ. I believed that Heaven and Earth, Spirit and matter would be united in Oneness. But NOW I SEE that it is not the Universe, it is US who are being transformed, being awakened to SEE that the Universe ALREADY IS the Body of God. The Universe IS the Divine Consciousness expressing and experiencing Itself! Oneness is not something that is going to come in the future. Oneness is the way it is NOW. It is the REALITY to which we are just NOW awakening!

Since returning from the Deepening to the USA, things have changed! I was taken by surprise, because some of us stayed in India for 2 weeks after the Deepening at Anandaloka 1 giving and receiving Deekshas with both Indians and foreigners. Those 2 weeks were sublime! The Deekshas were much more powerful than they had been before the Deepening. But back in the USA the energy of the Deeksha has been even stronger than it was at Anandaloka 1! It is POTENT! Amma and Bhagavan had increased the power of Deeksha and kept it a surprise until we got home. Thank you Amma Bhagavan!

I have noticed that now increased power is also flowing through the Oneness Blessings (Oneness Deekshas) of other Oneness Facilitators who were not at the Deepening. Evidently, when a group goes through the Deepening (there were about 150 of us from various English speaking countries) it affects all the other Oneness Facilitators in our respective countries. This should really come as no surprise, since the homas (fire rituals) performed during the Deepening which seek an increase in the energy the Deeksha are not performed just for those in attendance at the Deepening but for all the Deeksha Givers in their respective countries.

People in the USA are now reporting strong Kundalini Shakti, Samskara Shuddhi, some symptoms of sickness related to energy raising and pranic purification, periods of non-functionality, dramatic shifts in consciousness and other strong manifestations as a result of receiving Deekshas that I have previously observed only in people going through the biological shift during the 21 Day Process!

Similar manifestations were happening to people during the Proxy Program. Participants have told me that the distance Deekshas from India during the Proxy Program also produced miracles of healing (including the healing of cancer), release from addictions, etc. It seems that people in the USA are going through deeper levels of the biological process now that were previously reserved only for those attending courses at the Golden City! WOW! It's happening!

I now experience being constantly immersed in an energy field as strong as the one at the Golden City. Even though I know that God is all that exists everywhere, all the time, and that there is no separation or distance in the Spirit, still that is amazing to me. Before the Deepening I felt a stronger energy field at the Golden City than anywhere else. It seems that now the Golden City is everywhere (or at least it goes with me wherever I am), there is no difference! It's all One. Also, now the Oneness Benediction before the Sri Murthy is always absolutely ELECTRIC and I feel like I am physically with Amma and Bhagavan looking them in the eyes!! I like these changes. It makes it easier to be physically so far away from Amma and Bhagavan and all the Guides.

There is so much Grace flowing in my heart that I continue spontaneously to send Deekshas to the proxy group and to the collective consciousness of humanity. It is just a natural flow. We are all One. My transformation is everyone’s transformation. Everyone’s liberation is my liberation. May everyone know this Joy, and may we all deeply EXPERIENCE and FEEL our Oneness! Then humanity's problems will be solved!

I am free from concern for my own state, absorbed in the Divine Presence, absorbed in Union, absorbed in zeal for the Dharma. In short, I am VERY happy and my life is filled with Divine Grace! ALL is God. ALL is Amma Bhagavan! I live for SEVA, that all humanity may enter the Life of Grace and Joy and the whole World may become Golden. That is all. Amma Bhagavan Sharanam!

Mark T., Kila Lau & Michael Milner

Participants in the Advanced Deepening Course

"One for All and All for One"



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