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Midwest Oneness Tour

 with Rev. Dr. Michael Milner

April 11-14, 2014


Fri. April 11, 7pm: Oneness Meditation

Bodhi Spiritual Center, Chicago, IL


Sat. April 12, 10am-5pm: Bond with the Divine Process

Contact Wendy Allen: [email protected] or 217.341.7133

Springfield, IL  


Sat. April 12, 6:30pm: Oneness Meditation

Contact Wendy Allen: [email protected] or 217.341.7133

Springfield, IL  


Sun. April 13, 2:00-7:30pm: Bond with the Divine Process

Bodhi Spiritual Center, Chicago, IL


Mon. April 14, 7pm: Oneness Meditation

Flowering Heart, Downers Grove, IL




SUNDAY, April 13 ~ 2:00PM–7:30PM

Bodhi Spiritual Center


“Bond with the Divine”


Special Spiritual Deepening with

Rev. Dr. Michael Milner


Join Awakened Oneness Meditator,

Advanced Oneness Trainer, & Taoist Priest,

Rev. Dr. Michael Milner, for a day flooded in Divine Grace. You will experience a SACRED “Bond with the Divine” process, the Heart Lotus Meditation & and a very special Deeksha which Oneness University initiates only Advanced Oneness Trainers to offer. It will accelerate your awakening, transformation, and bond with your Divine. Experience a beautiful day of Deepening which includes contemplation, movement, Oneness Meditation, and powerful blessings.


EVERYONE is welcome!




SUNDAY, April 13 ~ 2:00PM – 7:30PM


COST: $64 until April 12/$90 at the door.

***No One Turned Away due to lack of funds. If you would like a reduced rate that you are able to afford as an alternative contact Biana directly.


For More About Michael Visit:

Biography of Rev Dr. Milner


Watch a Video of:

Michael's Oneness Journey



Have Questions? Contact Biana at 847.924.1440 or [email protected]