Discourse by Sri Bhagwan

to Indian Youth

at a Champion's Day Darshan

June 28, 2009

(Thanks to our friend Jeet Sharma for sharing this with us)


Hello There...

Below is the article & a summary (Point wise) to help you understand it better...

Thanks Soumya nair, Payal Khanchandani, Kaushik Nadkarani, Prashant Sharma & all who helped us to write this....

Our Beloved Bhagavan began the talk by saying that He would make us great Achievers and great Beings.

Bhagavan said that it’s the ‘programming’ which makes a person great. Every person is run by a certain program. It is the program which decides whether a person becomes an achiever or a failure! The programs dictates whether a person will remain healthy/sick throughout life, whether a person will nurture good/bad relationships in life, whether a person will be prone to accidents throughout life or whether his life will b smooth sailing.

Further expounding on the different types of programs, Bhagavan said that

“There are 3 basic kinds of programs-

1.Primary Program.

Its formed right from the time of conception till the time when the person is 6 years of age.

The thoughts of the parents at the time of conception, their thoughts when the child is in the womb, the actual moment of delivery, the people who come to see the baby, their comments etc. get registered in the consciousness of the child. All these give rise to the FCE’s or fundamental childhood experiences, which govern all important events of life !

2. Secondary Program.

This is formed from 6 to 12/14 years of age.

This is formed from the inputs from school, parents, teachers etc.. which give rise to the FCD’s or the fundamental childhood decisions.

3.Tertiary Program

It is from from 14 years onwards.

Society, the books you read, the programs you watch etc. contribute to the tertiary program. The feeling of being a Hindu, a Muslim, an Indian, a Pakistani etc. stem from this kind of programming !

The program can be either positive or negative.

Similarly, energy in the body can be positive or negative.

Positive energy triggers the positive aspects of a program whereas negative energy triggers the negative aspects of a program. Now, how can u make the energy positive???

If there is Inner Integrity, the Energy becomes positive (which can also be called Shakti) and when there is no Inner Integrity, Energy becomes negative (which is also called Kali)

In life we play so many games where we think one thing but do something totally different. The rules made by the society, etc, force us to do so many things which we may not like to do !

In short, you suppress yourself….But if you don’t see yourself suppressing yourself, the energy becomes negative (Kali)

So, what can be done? One option is to express yourself. But that is not always possible! If you do that, your existence in this world will become difficult and you will be transported back to the Stone Age!!!

There is only one option- INNER INTEGRITY ! You need to see what goes on inside. When you do that, negative energy becomes positive, which will trigger the positive aspects of your program, it will also give positive inputs to your program.

If you practice inner integrity for 2 hours for 21 days, you will get 10 % success ! your energy will be positive, you will be in the Breakthru state and you can easily achieve whatever you want !

But what about the remaining 90% ?? It has to happen…That seeing, you cannot see ! What can be done ?

Amma Bhagavan will help you with it, through special Deekshas! You will be called in smaller batches and we will work on you ! You do not need to put in effort after the initial 10 % !

Thus, you can achieve whatever you want !!!

A country is great, not because of its natural resources, but because of the quality of its human beings !

For that, first poverty needs to be erased completely. The beings of the country need to start contributing to the world. They need to be great in money, relations and they should enjoy life !

Have long term plans. Think about where you will be 5yrs, 10 yrs, 15 yrs from now ! Understand that those who have long term plans generally do not fail ! You are afraid to make long term plans because you must have made some short term plans and must have failed! But the secret is that short term plans generally fail and long term plans don’t fail ! So have long term plans for your academics, relations etc. Be clear of what you want ! Only then can Amma Bhagavan help !

There is a difference between Income and Earning. Income Is that money that you get without having to work for it. Earning constitutes that money for which you need to work to survive !! Only those people who have a good income become rich! Such people can do whatever they like doing! Only such people are living ! You need to have plans such that by the age of 30-35 years, you can retire from work…such that you don’t need to work after that ! Not working means, to be able to do whatever you enjoy doing !

There must be economic freedom! Only if you have enough wealth, can I raise your consciousness levels to great heights. If you don’t have sufficient wealth, I can raise your levels only to a certain limit.

So an important Blessing of today is going to be that all of you retire by the age of 35/40 years, so that you become free to do whatever you like ! The only thing you need to have is an excellent relations with your parents. If you don’t have your parents blessings, you cant receive my blessings also !

Another thing that I’m going to bless you with is the Right Partner in Life !

So, now, while praying, focus on the solution, not the problem ! Each of you sitting here has a separate Amma Bhagavan who is interested only in you !

You need to visualize whatever you want. For those who cant visualize, focus on the feeling, for, visualization itself helps to create the feeling! When you feel intensely, your Amma Bhagavan will sense your feeling and grant it to you.

Every person needs to pass through the 4 phases-

Artha (wealth), Kama (desires), Dharma (flowering of heart) and Liberation (from the mind).

If I want, I can make you go through all the 4 phases here itself, but its of no use, because if it happens in such a way, you will go back to the Stone Age. And we don’t want it to happen.

So, for now, you focus on Artha and Kama that is, creating wealth and fulfilling desires. Its very natural for man to have desires, and so you need to fulfill all your desires! About Dharma and liberation, we’ll see that after you cross 35 years!” 

Now TO Sum it all up... here's the summary of it...

1) primary secondary n tertiary programming of the human.
primary- 0-6yrs
secondary 6-14yrs
tertairy 14+ yrs of age.
2) FCD's and FCE's (Fundamental childhood decisions & Experiences)
Achievers always set right the programmes
3)INTEGRITY leads 2 +ve energy
i.e the positive aspects of ur prog start occurinng 2 u!
NoN INTEGRITY  leads to -ve neergy i.e d -ve aspects of ur programming!
Bhagwan says that when u dont express, it bcomes a -ve charge n wen u express it might japerdise ur social life & relations as well!
so b integral 2 UR OWNSELF! ~~B TRUE TO URSELF!
Integration is all abt seeing wat goes on inside , being true 2 URSELF!
practice inner integrity to 21days....
u achieve 10% by ur own efforts & Amma bhagwan gives you the rest 90% of it!
4)Long term plans r likely to b more suxessful dan short term ones!!! shrt term plans r sure 2 fail!
5)thers an all tym fight 4 survival!
You Work & EARNINGS is what is you get by sacrificing your social life etc since you dont "LOVE" what you are doing..
Bhagwan wants us to have EARNINGS
INCONME-money that u get but dont work that hard for it for eg:- Intrest on your Fixed deposits!
EARNING- money u slog ur as for!
1. FiNaNcIal FreeDoM To AlL
2. Right LiFe PaRtNer
Bhagwan plans us an early retirement!. this obviously wont work if ur realationship with your parents arent set right! 2nd most imp relation is the one of life partner. so bhagwan blesses us wid a good life partner
How 2 pray-regular visualisation, FOCUS- on both of bhagwan's sankalpas the way u want them! focus on the kinda lyf partner u want! focus on d level of success n  feel like you hav it ALL right now wid ya!