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Sri Bhagavan Conference Buenos Aires 11/25

Q1: The following year, the negative energies will increase. Can you give us a sadhana to align ourselves faster?
In the coming years, not only the negative energy but also the positive energy will be increasing. Both will be happening simultaneously. The old civilization will be dying and the new one will be taking birth. The old energy will be passing away and the new positive energy will be taking over. one The question is how to tune into the positive energy and benefit from it. One of the best tools is to practice inner integrity.  Mainly watch your thoughts which are going on inside. Very often the problem you talk about is the created problem, not the real problem. The real problem is inside. To get the real problem, you must practice inner integrity. The moment you get to the real problem, you will very naturally turn to the positive energies.

Thereafter it will be very difficult to tune into the negative energies. The mind and consciousness automatically fill with positive energy. As a result, you will find that your relationships and conditioning will grow. All things will be starting to grow. I think you must already have learned what inner integrity is. It should be practiced for 21 days for 49 minutes per day. You can do this in 7 minute increments or multiples of 7 minutes. Non-stop without a break for 21 days. If one day, you take a break, you must start again. If you do this, you'll be getting to the real problem and the energies not only inside you but around you will change and you will have very positive and beneficial effects.

Q2: What are the requirements for training for Level 3 and when can we come to meet you?

Bhagavan: All discussions about spiritual matters is Level 3 through all these conversations and meditations. When you come to India, I'll be meeting with you and all  questions and answers and discussions will be Level 3. No need to have gone through Level 1 or Level 2. If you come to India, I'll be talking to you and it will be Level 3. If you cannot come to India, all conversations such as these will be Level 3. As we go along, We'll be taking up deeper subjects and the message also will get deeper and deeper.
Q3: Can you clarify about constructive self expression in our lives?
Bhagavan: See, all the time, we are expressing the self. The self can express itself in a constructive way or in a negative way. For example suicide is an expression of the self in a negative sense. Getting angry and destroying relationships is  the self expressing itself in a negative way. The self is there and it has to be expressed. The only question is whether it is being expressed positively or negatively. These courses are designed to help you express yourself constructively. To be aware that you are expressing it constructively, you must be aware first of how you are expressing it negatively. Very often we are expressing it negatively. That is why we have financial problems, health problems, relationship problems and all sorts of problems. If you become aware of it, it will automatically change. There is no need for any effort  to go for a positive self expression. If you become aware of the negative, it automatically becomes positive.
For example, the key teaching in the Movement for Oneness for the final change, no time is required, no energy is required, no effort is required. Only in the early phases, you must do all these things. Suppose in a hall where you are staying suddenly a snake is discovered in a dark corner and all of you will be in terror.  You will be scared. Somebody brings a torch light and shines it in the dark corner and all of you see and you discover it is not a snake after all, it is only a rope. The moment you see that, fear is gone. It does not take time, it does not take energy, it does not take  effort. It's instantaneous.

Similarly with inner work, something negative is going on and if you become merely aware of it, it is like seeing that the snake is only a rope. You actually see. And to see is to be free. From there you can't put  an effort to be positive. The moment you see the negative, the negative ceases. The fear is gone. It automatically shifts to the positive.

You must learn in the beginning. We refuse to see the negative. There is so much of negative energy inside us, negative thoughts, negative beliefs negative ideas of others, this so-called shadow self  which we are hiding. You must learn to face, not to condemn it. it All that is required is to say, "Oh, that is what I am."  Not saying it is bad or it is good or giving some explanation. Don't give any commentary. The mind is in the habit of saying, "Oh this is so terrible, I shouldn't do this." "Oh, no no this is not the problem." "And this way, only because of that." Giving explanation and justification.  If you are angry, "I have anger. " If you have jealousy, you say "I have jealousy." If you have lust, you say, "I have lust." If you want to hurt somebody, you say "I want to hurt somebody." You see things as they are. See a rope as  a rope, not as a snake.  The strangest thing is that however, whatever is there, that if you really see it, it stops troubling you. The trouble comes from the fact that you are not actually seeing it, you are only commenting on it. You are assuming things there. If you really see, it is a simple little thing, and it no more bothers you. The stress goes out of you. In the coming meetings, I'll be guiding you through all this to see clearly what is going on inside of you. Thereby, you'll become completely free of it. This is the focus for 2012.

Announcement Clarification:

Henceforth, Level 1 and Level 2 , you do not have in Italy or anywhere else. You come straight to India. The courses will be free. We'll only be charging you  for food, laundry, room, and internal transport. Your trainers will initiate blessing givers. You do not have to come to India to become a blessing giver. We want the blessing givers to increase rapidly. We want to let loose the phenomenon. Money and number of courses are like chains holding back the phenomenon. We have to cut those two chains to unleash. So you can become blessing givers in your own country.

In case you want to be a trainer, you must apply to us with 10 trainers supporting your application. "Yes, we would like them to be trained." Step by step by 2014, we want to transfer all knowledge to you, all power to you and you continue this work and  we will dissolve the Oneness Movement. We are aiming to dissolve it in 2014, because if it continues, it will be a source of mischief for the world. We are very clear as to when we should shut it down. Before it happens, we are going to completely train you and hand everything over to you. You are going to be my successors. You'll be doing the work. You'll be on your own. It will never become a cult or get into any mischief.