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Skype Broadcast with Abu Dhabi Feb. 12, 2010



Abu Dhabi: Bhagavan, we are so happy to have your first Skype blessing in Abu Dhabi. For six years we are connecting weekly satsangs through another programme. We seek your grace in all our future programs Bhagavan.


BHAGAVAN: I'll do that


Abu: Can we ask the questions, Bhagavan?

BHAGAVAN: yes, you could go ahead


Q1: Bhagavan, the first question is: since concentration is essential during meditation and prayer, what advise can you give us to improve our concentration while praying and have control over our thoughts?


BHAGAVAN: in oneness, we do quite the opposite. We do not try to control our thoughts, because we do not believe there is a controller in the first place. The controller to us is an illusion that is we do not exist, there is only the illusion. When the illusion goes away, you become awakened or enlightened. So, there is no idea of a controller here, all that we ask you is - please keep watching your thoughts. Strangely, as you keeping watching your thoughts, they do not disturb you and then natural concentration arises. Let us say you are focused on some object, because now you are watching your thoughts, they slow down, and they don't disturb, and you watch it in a very focused way and then naturally concentration develops.


For us, meditation is a happening, concentration is a happening. You do not meditate, you do not concentrate. Nothing wrong with it. That is one way of approaching consciousness of the mind, but ours is different. We feel that, because we are heavily focused on awakening and enlightenment, that kind of concentration becomes an obstacle for awakening. It is good for certain purposes. But it does not help you in becoming awakened. So we do this kind of awareness whereby you naturally get concentration and you also become awakened. So you must learn now watch yourself. Oneness is all about watching yourself, staying with whatever is there. That is oneness.


Q2. Bhagavan, for those of us who have not attended the Mala Deeksha (spelling) process, could you please tell us how to invoke the divine presence? After invoking the presence, how do we know the presence has come in? Once the presence has come in, for how long does it stay?


BHAGAVAN: You have to cast the divine in a human mould.Suppose you say god is "Oneness" he is "virguna" (spelling?) then there is no way of relataing to him or invoking the presence. You have to cast him in a human mold like, Rama, Krishna, or whatever God you want. It's up to you to cast him in a human mold. just like you are humans; humans can only relate to humans. You cannot relate to the formless or to some light or to some void.  Of course it is the form of God, but  of course, God can also take a form... so to cast it in a form. What form can you cast him?


Suppose you have an excellent relation with your father, put him in your fathers mold. Or if mother - mothers mold, or friend - friends mold. Cast him as a known mold, not just a human mold. What is your best relationship? In that mold you cast him.


Let's assume you are casting in the father's mold. Then you must relate to him as you would relate to your father in this life. That's the kind of relationship you must build. And you must talk a lot. Now when the antarayamin or the divine or what you call the presence comes in, you have a nice feeling in the chest region, you will feel very nice. That's the first thing. Secondly, you can talk and you will get answers either as your own thought or as intuition or as a clear voice. You can ask questions and you will get answers. You can pray and your prayers will be answered. That is how you know for sure "Yes, I am in connection with that divine".


How long will it last? It may last three minutes, half an hour, thirty days or it may be permanently there also, it depends upon what kind of bond you are having and what is your program, the program is something that we talk about often,  which guides your life... so, it depends upon all that, which can of course be changed. The God realized people are those that have a 24 hour contact, they are all the time there and ultimately, they even become the Presence. We call that the Presence, and then you become the presence itself. That is complete oneness. So that's the journey of course. You can see some of these people probably on our website, we have a case of a man called Michael Milner, who has become the Presence, you can see that. So, it's a question of casting the right mold and then relating.


Once you have the presence. . ? . .then your life is taken care of. You can ask "I want this" and it is given or you can be told why is it not given and then the divine can also show you the program. Where you are stuck, maybe change the program or maybe say "leave it like that". There is always a personal dialogue between you and the divine. You walk and talk with the divine. It looks difficult but it's not difficult-- thousands have been able to get there. First of all, be clear of what you want, then take a deeksha, then it's most likely to happen right there. So you can have it there, right there in Abu Dhabi, right in your home it can happen. So start trying it, we will help you out  with it.



Q3. Bhagavan, Even if we do we sometimes pray with a lot of devotion, clarity and sense of surrender, it takes a long time to get the prayer answered. And sometimes, it does not get answered at all. Bhagavan, how long should we leave to the divine to get our prayers answered? If the prayer does not get answered, is it due to our past karma? How do we know all this, Bhagavan?


BHAGAVAN: Basically, when you come to our courses, we remove the blocks which are either creating the problem or not allowing you to fulfill your desire. Sometimes, that could not be sufficient, in which case you need alot of good karma to get a nice job, a nice bungalow, a nice car, and you may not have the required good karma. In which case we, Amma and Bhagavan, we give you our good karma, we have a huge stock of that, and then we give a little to you and then your problem gets solved. Now, despite a course, despite Amma and Bhagavan blessings still the problem can remain, which means there is a problem with the program. The program comes from past lives, conception in the womb, delivery... so many things that can happen. What kind of delivery, caesarean, forceps or whatever it was, so all of these are complicating issues. Now I have spoken a lot about these things, you can watch it on you tube, I won't repeat it now, but what I will repeat, it is very simple to get to the problem.


Just relax in your own house, your own bedroom, on your own bed, usually before you go to bed. Then you go into the hypnogoggic state, which is in between the waking and the sleeping state. When you get there, relax the body a little bit extra, ..?.. the beginning techniques of relaxing the body, do that, and then, invoke Amma and Bhagavan take a direct deeksha from the Sri Murthi.


Tell Amma and Bhagavan "please, show us where are we stuck?" And like a tape we will play it for you, we will show you where you are stuck, what happened to you, at what time, how, when and why this is happening now. If you see it clearly, the problem gets solved. Sometimes, even if you see, it may not get solved, then you ask "Please Amma and Bhagavan, set this right" . We will give you a totally new experience. And when you change the experience, you're life will change here. For example, like I said, you are trying to start a business. How much your time, still nothing is happening. Everything is perfect, in which case, maybe when you were being delivered you had gone back for half an hour or a hour and then you got delivered.


For such people, things will get enormously delayed here, the bank loans will be delayed, your orders will get delayed, something will get stuck somewhere, and something will come around and stop you. In this case, you have to go inside, take Amma and Bhagavan's help, re-experience your delivery. Now, if you do that, it will be most likely solved because you have asked Amma and Bhagavan to give you a fresh experience. In that case, exact delivery will be replayed, this time not going back but straight going out fast.  That happens, then, next day, in 24 hours, the ..?..will be sanctioned. And so we say, the inner world affects the external world. So these things you can do by yourselves, all that is required is a good bond with AmmaBhagavan.


No bond, nothing will happen. If you want some help, we will help you, a friend will help you, isn't it? Someone in the world will help you? No. if you want some help, you go to your friend. Same thing with AmmaBhagavan. If we are your friends, we will help you. They can be your mother, father anything. But a friendly father, friendly mother. If you cast us into a tough mother, a tough father, no way. We will just be tough like your parents, nothing will happen to you. So that friendship must be important. You want to cast us as father and mother - friendly father, friendly mother. Then help will come to you. Unfriendly father, unfriendly mother - nothing will come to you. So it's all in your hands. That's why we say, you create your own god. Not that you are creating God, but the way God will respond to you - you are creating that. So it's all in your hands, you should do it. It is not at all difficult. Thousands of people across the world have done it, so put a little effort and you will get there. And then your life will dramatically change. We will completely change your program, change your life. So we can come right into your house in Dubai. We don't need visas and passports, we can be anywhere and we can do it for you.


So I think the three questions are over?


Abu: yes, Bhagavan.


Now do you people want to become awakened?


Abu-Dhabi: Yes, Bhagavan!


BHAGAVAN: Or you don't want to become awakened?


Abu: No, Bhagavan, we want to, we want to


BHAGAVAN: You want to awakened, you want to get out of the mind, very good, then I'll be coaching you regularly on the Skype because you wont be able to come to India, but for the process you will have to come to India. These classes are to prepare you and when you come to India, I will do the process and you will become awakened so I want you in particular to follow on the website something called "The Journey" where you will find three columns there.


You should come and meet those people on the Skype, I mean on the website. These are awakened people that will inspire you and give you confidence, this will also prepare you. You should not think that awakening has not happened, it has happened to a lot of people all over the world, they have been very shy and withdrawn. They live simple and quiet lives. So we are now mopping them up and putting them under the website. In India, we have every week somebody awakened. So awakening is happening it's not a dream. We don't talk of dreams, we talk of real things. So here is a great opportunity in life for you because, 2012 is here, otherwise it cannot happen. You should have no disease, no desires, you should have problems to become awakened, but then today, because of 2012, every person, with problems, with unfulfilled desires, could still become awakened this is an opportunity of a lifetime.  There's a ..?.. from North America who said "we are the people we have been waiting for" we are those privileged people who can become awakened so don't let go of this opportunity so I would like you to listen to what I have spoken there, and that will be homework for you for this month of February, so when we meet in March I will know how much work you have done or not and if you are serious I will pick you for the process in India. If you are not serious, that's fine.


Abu: We are very serious, Bhagavan


BHAGAVAN: if you are not serious, living your own mediocre life within your mind, you can continue to live your unawakened mediocre life. That's all. If you want that, that's fine. But if you want to live, then better work.


Abu: Bhagavan, some of us are very keen to go for this trainer's course, the training courses here in Abu Dhabi


BHAGAVAN: very good


Abu: Would this be possible in the near future?


BHAGAVAN: yes, it should be possible, yes. First we will be initiating those that are conducting satsangs into initiators, we give them the power to initiate others into deeksha givers. It's done only for those that are conducting satsangs, not for the others. They will come and make you into deeksha givers. Deeksha giving is more powerful than receiving deeksha for the awakening process. That will be done, next stage we train them to be giving oneness experience level 1 course, then level 2 and level 3 and in 2014, when they become awakened, they will be declared teachers. For example now, what's your name?


Abu: My name is Omni Krishni, Bhagavan.


BHAGAVAN: Do you conduct satsang?


Abu: Yes, I am from Aleein (spelling?), I conduct satsangs there but I come to help the devotees here


BHAGAVAN: you are from which place?

Abu: Allien


BHAGAVAN: So you are the one that is conducting the satsang?


Abu: yes, Bhagavan


BHAGAVAN; ok, then for example you will be able to become an initiator and then a trainer 1, 2, 3 a Oneness Trainer, then  by 2014 and you will be awakened and called Omni Krishna the teacher. That's all. You will be able to stand on your own.


Abu: thank you Bhagavan.


BHAGAVAN: Only for those who are conducting satsangs. The others, of course you won't be trained like that. You can become awakened. ..?..That is for everybody. But teachers - only those who have been conducting satsang because they are contributing to society. That's how it would be. But for you, there can be an awakening but you must be serious.You must realize you are leading a mediocre life from morning till night with a mechanical, meaningless life that is going on,  but you must do it of course. It's perfectly okay. I will help you with this also. But this is not living, its merely existing. You have to come out of the framework called the mind. That's where you truly live and know what life is.  So if you want that, contemplate on what I have just spoken and then prepare yourself for March and then when you are ready, you can come to India for the process, we will verify you and then you will become awakened. So now we can meditate now.


Abu: Bhagavan, over 40 devotees who have completed the MalaDeeksha Mala ritual last Friday. We need your blessings so we can grow materially and spiritually, BHAGAVAN.


BHAGAVAN: yes, my blessings to you all. My first focus is the world. All material things is what I will be focusing on: your money, your jobs, your profession, your family, that may be the first focus. The second focus is - awakening. First this then that.