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Oneness Process



The mission and vision of Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma is to awaken 64,000 people on this planet to oneness, which is our true nature. These will then be the channels to transfer the seed of awakening to the rest of the world. We invite you to be one of them.

The 21-Day Oneness Process

The 21-Day Process is conducted by the male and female dasas (guides or monks) of the Oneness University. Its primary purpose is to prepare and initiate participants to give One Blessing/Deeksha, thereby helping to awaken the energy of oneness consciousness in themselves and others. While it is entirely possible to receive the benefits of Oneness Blessing/Deeksha without attending the 21-Day Process, for those that are seeking to become Oneness Facilitators - offering this Grace to others via Oneness Blessing/Oneness Deeksha - attendance at one of the 21-Day Process retreats is required.

Each month hundreds of people world-over attend the 21-Day Process. The campuses of the Oneness University are a mix of people from different countries, and different ethnic and religious backgrounds. Oneness Facilitators abound in many parts of the earth including the USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, China, India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Germany, France, UK, Netherlands, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, Russia, Israel, Turkey, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Fiji and many other countries.

Though a variety of meditations, teachings, ceremonies, and deekshas, those present are guided to let go of their suffering and to experience the "flowering of the heart," an opening up to the world of unconditional love and causeless joy. Toward the end of the process, through a special deeksha ceremony, they receive the initiation that makes them instruments for transporting the energy to others.

Participants spend the 21 days on one of the campuses of the Oneness University. The dormitories, meditation halls, lunchroom and restroom facilities are all very modern, air conditioned, and extremely clean. All meals and lodging while at the Oneness University are provided, as is transportation to and from Chennai to the Oneness University campus. Bed linens and towels are provided and free laundry service is available.

Participants will experience some or all of the following:

  • Removal of blocks from the chakras and higher bodies
  • Removal of negative life patterns and impressions
  • Powerful meditations and teachings
  • Deekshas for fulfillment of desires
  • Deekshas to receive the states of higher consciousness
  • Initiation to transfer the seed of awakening to others

It is impossible to say precisely what your experience of the 21-Day Process will be. It is never the same for any two people. We can, however, offer this advice: Let go of all struggle and willful self-effort. A common theme with past participants is that their most significant moments of transformation, healing and awakening came when they stopped trying - when they simply let themselves become helpless. This opened the doorway for The Presence to come in and do the work. Sri Bhagavan says "If you are not helpless, I am helpless."

The total cost for the 21-Day Awakening Process is $5,500 USD. Of this amount, a non-refundable deposit fee of $500 USD is required upon acceptance of your application.

Your payment includes the cost of food, lodging, laundry and transportation between Chennai and the Oneness University Campus. Participants are responsible for their own airfare. Participants are also responsible for any off-campus lodging (in the event you want to arrive in India before the Official Pick-Up Date, or you want to remain in India after the Official Ending date).

For more information or to begin the application process visit:


Click this link:

Experiences of the 21 Day Process  to read some of the many experiences people have shared, revealing the unique blessings they received while attending the 21-Day Process.