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Sri Bhagavan's Message about Solar Flares to Oneness France


Gratitude to Oneness France.  Also to Ramachandran Angadipuram for translation from Tamil into English.


You have heard about whales and dolphins often coming to the land side and dying. This is because they do not get any guidance/direction in the water since there are no signboards or lampposts in the sea to direct them. They are only guided by the magnetic fields with the help of which they swim in the water.


When the magnetic fields get disturbed due to solar flare, these animals mistake the land for the sea and swim towards the land. Once they are on the land they cannot go back to the sea due to heavy weight etc and they have no legs too, then they die.


The solar flare which is imminent will be much more severe than the past, and like the whales and the dolphins we, humans will also suffer in different ways such as depressions, suicide tendencies and heart attacks.


Solar flare comes in cycle once in every 11 years. There are sunspots in the solar flare which is like a pressure cooker. For example, pressure cookers will not burst since the steam comes out and hence it is safe but the sunspots in the solar flare are not coming out for many years and are silent.


The flares which are imminent will happen in the year 2012 and it will be fierce. This is also collaborated by the NASA, the Mayan prophecy and also by our Hindu scriptures. Modern science is very accurate and they have predicted this to happen in 2012.


The fearsome solar flare in 2012 will affect the Geo Magnetic Field (GMF) of the earth. We have never seen such fierce flares as yet in the human history.


All the sufferings explained above will be the result of the change in the GMF. There are other causes which we will not discuss here now.

Then, how do you think we handle this? We need to raise our own Electro Magnetic Field (EMF). When our EMF is above the GMF it will not affect us at all. We can do this by getting liberated ourselves i.e. by being Mukhtas.


Our fields will then rise and whatever be the GMF it will not affect us. Hence it is crucial that we get fully awakened.


We, Amma Bhagavan (AB), will have to raise another field to raise your fields. This is done by the ‘paduka deeksha’. AB will use our fields to raise your fields. The 49 mins chanting will help us for this. This will prepare our brain ready for the awakening.


Like when the current passes the brain gets ready, the brain reacts faster to the sound of the chants. When the brain gets ready AB will use our EMF thru the padukas to raise your EMFs. You will then become mukthas. Your inner world will get ready and no GMF can affect you then.


Now our inner world is set right but then what happens to our physical world? Since you are a mukta your EMF is very high. Any tsunami or earthquake will not touch you. The tsunami waves will then lift you to safer places. For example we have evidence for this, our advanced devotees got saved in Chennai tsunamis whereas the persons nearby could not escape and were washed off.

So, let it be a problem in the inner world or the outer world, by being a mukta you are safe. All devotees of AB should become muktas and be safe.

But AB’s devotes are only in small numbers. Then what will happen to millions of other s who are not devotees? For example in a city, out of 100 families, 2 of them survive and 98 are suffering, how do we feel about this? .we will have the power and we will not be doing anything, are we then human beings?


That is why AB is making you all not only muktas but are bestowing you with the power to make others muktas too. Your question will come. You are taught the technique for doing so. Once you are ready for this it is your responsibility to make the rest of the world as muktas.

All of you should also get prosperous. However this is not the time for investments in share markets or in landed properties. The share markets will peak by end of June and it can crash by July the value of landed properties can also come down. AB will guide you to take advantage of this crisis which is imminent. It will be very easy when you are all muktas.


I love you all.