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The Tsunami of Awakening has arrived!

Introducing "Oneness Bhakti Yoga", the "Bulldozer"!


Florida Regional

Oneness Intensive

Tampa, February 11-13



Featuring an Awesome Team of more than 50 Oneness Trainers!

Oneness University Guide Doug Bentley

Alina Shalev & Stuart Mooney Jr.


See all the Blessing Givers & Oneness Trainers who are coming to this historic event! Go to

& scroll to the bottom of the page!


Important Information & Details for Participants Click Here


Participate in the biggest Oneness Intensive in the USA! Imagine a Oneness Intensive weekend where you will be supported by the energy and intention of fully awakened beings, a team of very gifted Oneness Trainers and countless Blessing Givers! This Intensive features a group of Oneness Trainers who are living in very beautiful states of consciousness. It will also include Doug Bentley, resident Oneness Guide from the Oneness University in India, Stuart Mooney Jr., M.A., renowned author, teacher and healer, Alina Shalev, Spiritual Teacher and Artist (Stuart & Alina are both recognized as fully awakened beings).





Feb. 11, a huge wave of Grace, a tsunami of Awakening, will begin to sweep the planet. Sri Bhagavan called it the "bulldozer"! Dr. Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D., leading expert on the Mayan Calendar (a formula explaining the progression of time & the evolution of consciousness) explains that the ninth & final cycle of the Mayan Calendar will begin on Feb. 11 & end on Oct. 28, 2011, bringing the Mayan Calendar to an end. Also, according to Vedic Astrology, the Sun will enter Aquarius on Feb. 11.


Feb. 11, Sri Amma Bhagavan will transfer to the Oneness Community the full power to awaken Humanity! This will begin the 13th and final phase of the Oneness phenomenon. From Feb. 11, 2011 through 2012, Sri Amma Bhagavan will awaken tens of thousands of people throughout the world, triggering a shift in the collective consciousness of Humanity.


THE POWERFUL NEW "Oneness Bhakti Yoga" will be introduced to help bring this about. Deeksha Givers who have been taken through the process at the Intensive will then be able to do it on their own at home. This new process has already been introduced in India where countless people have been Fully Awakened as a result. Sri Amma Bhagavan's full empowerment of the Oneness Bhakti Yoga will take place on Feb. 11!


And, well... Sunny Florida in February! What's not to love about that?


February in Florida!





The Intensive will be at the stunningly beautiful Mainsail Suites Hotel & Conference Center in Tampa, Florida. The conference center is just 5 minutes from Tampa International Airport. There is a complimentary airport shuttle, free parking & high speed Internet, on-site restaurant & many places to eat nearby.



Explore the Mainsail website. You'll love it!



Call the hotel direct at 813-243-2640 or toll free reservations at 866-724-5287 to make reservations.  Please, use the group code “Oneness” when making all reservations.


What to do if the Mainsail is Sold-Out

If rooms at the Mainsail are sold-out, they can put you on a waiting list pending cancellations, and they will shuttle you to the conference center if you need to stay at another hotel. Below is a list of 5 alternative hotels less than 5 minutes from the conference center. Any of these would be a good choice.
If you have a suite reserved at the Mainsail or another hotel that you would be willing to share, please let Prudence know. She is helping us coordinate room-sharing. Her email address is [email protected]. You could also post it on the Google group. See below. [email protected]. The Mainsail suites are quite large and you might consider letting someone sleep on the sofa in your living room or even on an air mattress on the floor.

Florida Oneness Intensive Google Group

We created a Google group for people who are coming to the event so they can communicate with each other to arrange room-sharing, carpooling, etc. You don't need to be a member. Anyone is free to post on the group. Just send an email to

[email protected]. Previous posts can be viewed on the

group website at:


Alternate Hotels:

(The Mainsail will provide Shuttle service to the conference center)


$80-100 Hampton Inn Tampa-International Airport / Westshore - 2½ star

 3035 N. Rocky Point Drive E.
Tampa,  Florida 33607 (813) 289-6262


$90-100 Holiday Inn Express Rocky Point - 2½ star

3025 North Rocky Point Drive
Tampa, FL 33607 (813) 287-8585


$98-109 Hilton Tampa Westshore Airport - 3 star

5312 Avion Park Drive
Tampa, FL 33607 (813) 289-2700


$107-120 Doubletree Guest Suites Tampa Bay - 3½ star

3050 North Rocky Point Drive West
Tampa, FL 33607  (813) 888-8800


$139 The Weston Tampa Bay - 4 star

7627 W. Courtney Campbell Causeway
Tampa,Florida 33607 (813) 281-0000





PLEASE NOTE: If you are already a Deeksha Giver, register for the Deepening.

If you are NOT already a Deeksha Giver, register for the Oneness Awakening Course.





Experience "Oneness Bhakti Yoga" consisting of various tools, meditations, and devotional experiences designed to quickly take a participant into higher states of consciousness, Oneness, Awakening, and God Realization. Participants will be guided through specially-designed contemplations to prepare them to receive an extremely powerful Deeksha directly from Sri Amma Bhagavan through their Sri Murthi (sacred picture). As we enter this most important phase of our work, we have an unprecedented opportunity for all Deeksha Givers to be given direct access to higher states of consciousness, Awakening and God-Realization. To give these states and experiences to the community is the purpose of Oneness Bhakti Yoga, which we are honored to finally make available to you.


Deeksha Givers: $150

Oneness Trainers: $80





NOTE: The Deepening is only for those who are already Oneness Blessing Givers. If you are not a Blessing Giver, please register for the Oneness Awakening (below).


To see the list of Blessing Givers & Oneness Trainers coming to the Deepening

Go to

& scroll to the bottom of the page





If you have been thinking about becoming a Oneness Blessing (Deeksha) Giver, but you have not done it yet, this is the course for you! You will receive instruction from a number of gifted Oneness Trainers and fully awakened beings, be taken through many special life-transforming processes, and receive Mukthi Deeksha (the Blessing for Awakening) which will initiate you as a Deeksha Giver, as well as have the opportunity to experience the NEW "Oneness Bhakti Yoga"!

  • Learn the formula for happiness & growth in every area of life
  • Experience “Samskara Shuddhi” an ancient technique for cleansing the past
  • Learn the Art of Inner Integrity
  • Heal & improve relationships with your parents, children & partner
  • Establish a deep connection with your own experience of the Divine
  • Experience higher states of consciousness and awareness
  • Receive Mukthi Deeksha (Blessing for Awakening) & 64 Deeksha Process
  • Learn from fully awakened teachers Stuart Mooney Jr & Alina Shalev
  • Be initiated as an Oneness Blessing (Deeksha) Giver
  • Have the opportunity to Experience the NEW "Oneness Bhakti Yoga"!

Course Fee: $199





NOTE: The Oneness Awakening Course is for those who want to become Blessing Givers. If you are already a Blessing Giver, please register for the Deepening (above).


Join people from all over the world who have received the Oneness Blessing and have become Oneness Blessing Givers.  After this weekend, you too will be able to transfer this Divine Grace to multitudes of people and contribute to shifting the collective consciousness of the world! 




Feb 11, 5-7PM - Registration


Feb 11, 7-10PM - Doug Bentley - "The Oneness Phenomenon"

Free & Open to the Public, subject to available seating

Preference given to course participants


Feb 12-13 - "Oneness Bhakti Yoga" - Deepening for Deeksha Givers

Sat Feb 12 8AM-Midnight

Sun Feb 13 8AM-8PM


Feb 12-13 - "Oneness Awakening" - To Become a Deeksha Giver

Sat Feb 12 8AM- Midnight

Sun Feb 13 8AM-8PM



Florida Regional Oneness Intensive Team



Special Guests & Presenters:


Oneness University Guide, Doug Bentley

Stuart Mooney, Jr. M.A.

Alina Shalev


Oneness Trainer Teaching Team:


Rev. Dr. Michael Milner, Ph.D.

Rev. Suzanne Champlin

Gomati Ishaya

Vasistha Ishaya

Patrick Wise

Mattias Eriksson

Skip Miller

Michael Ma

Pranarose Meiss, Ph.D.

Debra Moore

Max Furimsky

Paula Schroeder

Sheri Greenstreet



Oneness Trainer Service Team:


Susanne Kind

Buzz Walker

Alyce Payne

Matt Lillie

Nanette Shook

Betsy Bommer

Beth Inman

Sapphira (Cindy) Bergbower

Jimei He

Nancy Heins

Lisa Piper

Karen Solovei

Barbara Steel

Diadra Price

Rev. Elizabeth Forrest

Joe Wallen

Linda Hilliker

Diane Smith

Jane Pryde

Catherine Frink

Jan Anderson

Nancy Cunningham

Van Tharp

Noni Kaufman

Ellie Clark

Jim Clark

Bevan Claude

John Appleby

Joan Houchin

Nancy Henderson

Hans Nilsson

Kristine Harikian

Emily Whyte

Lee Schaberg

Danny Kennedy

Sue Chickering

Margaret Nichols

Jutta Strobel

Kathleen Bonvallet


Plus a host of Deeksha Givers & volunteers!


Doug Bentley, Oneness University Guide. A monk who resides at the Oneness University in India, Doug serves as Guide for our work in the US and Canada.



 Stuart Mooney

Stuart Mooney Jr. M.A., a renowned author, teacher and healer. Stuart was one of the first fully awakened westerners to come back from Oneness University. For nearly 40 years, he has lectured all over the world, on the “Nature of the Awakened Consciousness”.

Read more about Stuart Mooney at


Alina Shalev, spiritual teacher and artist, who brings people into an intense state of awareness, where they begin to remember the truth within. Her keen insight and clarity has helped many experience an awareness that has changed their lives. After a recent trip to India, Alina, who is also a Oneness Trainer, was declared an awakened being by Sri Bhagavan, the founder of Oneness University.

Read more about Alina Shalev at