China 2-9-2013
Germany 2-20-2011
Russia 1-23-2011
Austria 2-27-2011
UK 3-12-2011
New Zealand 3-12-2011
Christmas 2010
Skype with Denver 12-4-10
Webcast 6-6-2010
Sri Bhagavan Skype Darshan 11-21-10
866 Year History of the Lineage Srimurthi
Living Life according to Peanuts
New Sri Murthi
Miracle at Hyderabad
Wbcast with Sri Bhagavan 9-12-2010
Feb 12 Skype & Photos
Sri Amma: Words of Strength & Courage
Sri Bhagavan on Solar Flares in 2012
Photos of Doug Bentley's Visit
Mukthi Werbcast 7-25-10
Video Teachings 7-2010
Dubai Oneness Awakening 7-2010
Webcast 6-6-2010
5-23-2010 Sri Bhagavan Mukthi Deeksha Webcast
5-16-2010 Mukthi Deeksha Webcast
5-9-2010 Mukthi Deeksha Webcast
Angelika's Gongs
5-2-10 Mukthi Webcast
Sri Bhagavan Videos
Newsletter 1-29-10
Australia 1-3-10
Rome 1-17-10
Switzerland 1-23-10

Click for Chennai (Madras), India Forecast






Skype Video Conferences, Webcasts, Teleconferences & More with Sri Bhagavan


Feb 11-13, 2011, a Tsunami of Awakening washed over Tampa!

"Oneness Bhakti Yoga"- The Bulldozer!


Over 500 people attended the Florida Oneness Intensive





Watch a video of the Feb 12 Darshan with Florida below


To download this video click one of the links below:

This collection of videos & transcripts is a precious treasure. Each one contains unique teachings & is a powerful Darshan in itself. Experience them all to receive a complete transmission of Sri Bhagavan's recent outpouring of Grace & guidance to the global Oneness community. Enjoy!


If you have additional transcripts/videos, please send them to us.


Many thanks to Noni Kaufman, Maria and many others for their tireless work helping to record, transcribe and disseminate these teachings.


LIVE Video Conferences, Webcasts & Teleconferences with Sri Bhagavan, beginning with the most recent



To download the video files to watch on your computer,

right click on a link, then click "save target as"


Sri Bhagavan's 62nd Birthday Webcast, March 7, 2011


Sri Bhagavan's Skype with New Zealand, March 12, 2011

Transcript: New Zealand 3-12-2011


Skype with UK, March 12, 2011

Transcript: UK 3-12-2011   


Skype with Austria February 11, 2011

Transcript: Austria-2-27-11


Skype with Germany February 20, 2011

Germany 2-20-2011


Skype with Russia, January 23, 2011

Transcript: Russia 1-23-2011      

Sri Bhagavan's Skype Darshan

with India, Nov 21, 2010 Click Here

Bhagavan on the history of the Oneness Phenomenon, what is to come in 2011 & beyond


800 Year History of the New Sri Murthi Click Here


Sri Bhagavan's Skype with Denver 12-4-2010
Dec 4, 2010 Click Here


Alina Shalev's Skype with Moscow:

What it is like to be awakened



Transcript of a Recent Skype between the Singapore Oneness community & a Oneness Guide: Why Sri Bhagavan is moving to using a Formless Sri Murthi



NOW it's ALL happening in "Sacred Space" Dark Room!

Transcripts & Instructions about Sacred Space:

Webcast 7-18, Webcast 7-25, Webcast 9-12



How to create your own Sacred Space at home



21 Days in "Sacred Space" at Oneness University



Join us for a Dark Room Process!



Click Here for the Video & Transcript of Sri Amma & Sri Bhagavan's Webcast Darshan 6-6-10


To understand recent developments in Oneness:


March 18, 2010 Sri Bhagavan announced a major shift in his plan

Transcript of Sri Bhagavan's Mukthi Deeksha Webcast 3/20/2010

Transcript of Sri Bhagavan’s Mukthi Deeksha Webcast 5/2/2010

Transcript of Sri Bhagavan’s Mukthi Deeksha Webcast 5/9/2010

Transcript of Sri Bhagavan’s Mukthi Deeksha Webcast 5/16/2010

Transcript of Sri Bhagavan’s Mukthi Deeksha Webcast 5/23/2010


Sri Bhagavan's announcement about the plan for 2011, posted May 25


Videos of Sri Bhagavan Giving Nayana (Eye) Deeksha


May 2 Webcast

May 16 Webcast

May 23 Webcast

May 30 Webcast


9 Minute Video Collage of Sri Bhagavan Giving Nayana (Eye) Deeksha 

Sri Bhagavan's Teaching for February 2010


For Many Video Clips of Sri Bhagavan's Teachings visit:


Several New Videos of Sri Bhagavan with Written Transcripts

Sri Bhagavan Videos & Transcripts

Suffering is in the Perception not in the Fact & Inner Integrity


Article: The Awakened State & How long it takes to get there after Mukthi Deeksha




UK 3/18/10



Hong Kong 3/18/10



Moscow 3/14/10



Holland 3/14/10



London UK & Paris FR Asian Oneness Communities 3/6/10



Moscow, Russia 2/28/10



Rome 2/28/10


Switzerland 2/28/10



Stuttgart Germany 2/27/10

Transcript in German & English


Japan 2/27/10


Forest Row, UK 2/23/10



New Zealand & Australia 2/21/10


Singapore 2/21/10

Part 1:

Part 2:


Hawaii 2/21/10

Both the Video & Written Transcript included on Vimeo link below


Queens, NY USA 2/20/10


Dubai 2/19/10



VERY IMPORTANT! Sri Bhagavan's Teaching for February 2010

Given to Moscow, Russia 2/14/10
Part 1:

Part 2:

Audio mp3



Denmark 2/14/10



Sweden 2/14/10



Holland 2/14/10

Part 1:

Part 2: 

Transcript of Questions to Sri Bhagavan


Oman 2/14/10


Abu Dhabi 2/12/10

Part 1:

Part 2:



Bahrain 2/12/10

Transcript (Rough translation)


Melbourne, Australia 2/5/10

Part 1:

Part 2:


Moscow, Russia 1/31/10


Olten, Switzerland 1/23/10



Queens, NY USA 1/23/10

(Vikram Ji standing in for Sri Bhagavan)

Part 1: (bad video connection, good audio)
Part 2: (good video connection, good audio)


Pretoria, South Africa 1/19/10

Part 1:

Part 2:



San Francisco, CA USA 1/19/10   


Rome 1/17/10



Moscow, Russia 1/17/10



UK 1/17/09



Tarzana CA USA 1/17/10


Toronto 1/17/10

Vara Deeksha Mala Golden Ball Dharshan (Questions start in Part 6)
Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 - Beautiful Video Dharshan of Oneness Temple and Golden Ball
Part 4 - Dharshan of Golden Ball
Part 5 - Meditation with Shri Bhagavan
Part 6 - Questions and Answers with Shri Bhagavan (In Tamil & English)
Part 7 - Questions and Answers with Shri Bhagavan (In Tamil & English)
Part 8 - Questions and Answers with Shri Bhagavan (In Tamil & English)
Part 9 - Meditation & Arathi with Shri Bhagavan


Austin, Texas USA 1/16/10



Norway 1/13/10


Helsingborg, Sweden 1/10/2010


San Diego, CA USA 1/10/10



Gothenburg, Sweden 1/10/10



Denver, Colorado USA 1/10/10

part 1:

part 2:



Rome, Italy 1/9/10

Sri Bhagavan explains how to give deeksha

(with instructions for how to hold a specific intent & achieve miracles) - very helpful!



Washington DC 1/9/10



Shanghai China 1/7/10



Povegliano Veronese, Italy 1/6/10



Japanese Group at Oneness University, India (Date?)

These videos have been deleted from Youtube.

It says on the users Youtube page that he will upload them next week.

You can however read the transcript of parts 4 & 5

about the Golden Ball & 2010, 2011 & 2012.


France 1/3/10 (in Tamil)

part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

part 4:


Israel 1/3/10



Holland 1/3/10


Moscow, Russia 1/3/2010


Below is an edited version of the call removing the translation and gaps.

Audio recording with screen capture from the video call.


Australia 1/3/2010



New Zealand 1/3/2010



Aarhus, Denmark 1/2/2010


Full of Love, Joy & Humor! Clearwater, Florida USA 1/2/2010



North America 12/20/09

A wonderful discourse on 2012 & the utter simplicity of

        the core teaching of Oneness: Effortless Awareness!

 "The blessing will take you where you should go. And where do you go?...  You are not going to go anywhere at all for the simple reason there is nowhere to go... So what is there? There is only awareness. Awareness is the be all and end all of all things."

- Sri Bhagavan to North America 12-20-09

(audio only, no video)

North America 12-20-09 mp3

North America 12-20-09 wma



Rome, Italy 12/20/09

Stockholm, Sweden 12/20/09



Mexico 12/19/09

Part 1:
Part 2:



Sao Paulo, Brazil 12/19/09



Spain 12/16/09



Kelowna, B.C. Canada 12-13-09  


Aarhus, Denmark 12-13-09 (with danish subtitles)



Arizona USA 12-13-09



Boulder, Colorado USA 12-13-09



Biella, Italy 12/13/09



Dallas, TX USA 12/12/09

Part 1
Part 2 



London UK (South Asian Community) 12-12-09

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


London UK 12-12-09



NEW! Dubai, Living Dharma Satsang 12/11/09

(Different from the Dubai conference below)   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6


Dubai, UAE 12/11/09

Dubai Video



NEW! Belgium 12/10/09

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:


Shanghai, China 12/07/09

Written Transcript


Norway 12/07/09


Italy Campus 12/07/09

Italy Campus 12/07/09.mp4


Mississauga, Canada 12/06/09


Santiago, Chile 12/06/09

Written Transcript


Verbenia, Italy 12/06/09

Written Transcript


Cincinnati, Ohio USA 12/05/09


Written Transcript


Maui, Hawaii 12/05-09

Maui 2009-12-05 at 20.02.mp4

Maui 2009-12-05 at

Written Transcript


Moscow, Russia 12/05/09

mp 3 Audio Recording

part 1:
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6


Rio Brazil 12/05/09

Part 1
Part 2

Written Transcript


Brasilia Brazil 12/05/09

Written Transcript English & Spanish
part 1
part 2
part 3


Napoli, Italy 12-04-09


Santiago, Chile 12/4/09


France 12/04/09 (Tamil language)

Written Transcript (Translated from Tamil)








New Zealand 12/01/09

Written Transcript


Japan 12/01/09



Netherlands 11/30/09

Includes instructions for hands-on initiation of new Deeksha Givers

Written Transcript


Czech Republic 11/29/09

Written Transcript


Tokyo, Japan 11/29/09



Osaka Japan 11/29/09

Written Transcript


Hannover, Germany 11/28/09


Israel 11-28-09

Written Transcript


Verbenia, Italy 28-11-2009

Includes instructions for hands-on initiation of new Deeksha Givers

Part 1 Verbenia, Italy, 11 28 09 [edited without translation].mp4

Part 2 Verbenia, Italy, 11 28 09 [edited without translation].mp4

Part 3 Verbenia, Italy, 11 28 09 [edited without translation].mp4

Written Transcript


Australia 11/25/09

Written Transcript


Buenos Aires 11/25/09


 Los Angeles, CA USA 11/24/09

Written Transcript
 Audio Link:



San Diego, CA USA 11/23/09

Written Transcript


 Russia 11/22/09

Written Transcript


Austin, Texas USA 11-22-2009

Written Transcript


 North America 11/22/09 (audio only)

 North American Blessing Givers 11-22-09 mp3


Clearwater, Florida USA 11/21/09

Video Clearwater, Florida.mp4

Written Transcript

Audio Recording .wma

Audio Recording .mp3


Mexico 11/21/09

Queens NY USA 11/20/09


Vermont USA 11/21/09

Written Transcript


New Jersey, USA 11/21/09

Written Transcript


Holland 11/20/09


Sweden 11/19/09




Italy 11/17/09


UK 11/17/09

Written Transcript


Moscow, Russia 11/17/09

Written Transcript


NOTE: To understand changes which took place in late 2009 when a number of the guides left Oneness University to form another organization (World Oneness Academy), watch or read the "Statement of Sri Bhagavan"

November 16, 2009



Statement of SRI BHAGAVAN (in various formats)

Video Statement of Sri Bhagavan.mp4

Video Statement of Sri Bhagavan.wmv

Video Statement of Sri

Written Statement of Sri Bhagavan.pdf

Written Statement of Sri Bhagavan.jpg




Krishnaji's letter - announcing the forming of a new organization

(which was to become World Oneness Academy) 25/11/09 Click Here







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