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Unleash the Master within!


Counseling, Spiritual Direction, Centering Prayer, Taoist Meditation, Qigong & Energy Sessions




with Rev. Dr. Michael Milner, Ph.D.




Now is your time to awaken & to unleash the master within you. You are the One you have been waiting for! The true Master, the Source & fountain of all Grace is within you. It is your own true nature & essence. The outer world is merely a reflection of your inner world. All outer spiritual forms, experiences, gurus, masters & teachers, no matter how powerful & compelling they may be, merely reflect as a mirror your own true Divine Nature. God dwells within you, as You! It is time to Awaken to your own infinite potential & Mastery!


The current Global Awakening is a group phenomenon, the dawning of a collective avataric consciousness. We are all awakening together to our Mastery, to the One Love, One Universal Being & One Consciousness we all embody, individually & collectively. Whenever we come together to connect with each other, one-on-one or in groups, the Presence, the gifts we share, catalyze & accelerate our mutual awakening & evolution. Let us support one another, CELEBRATE together, awaken & unleash our true mastery together! To this end Michael is offering both group Satsangs & individual Sessions.


Michael has a gift to facilitate & hold an energetically powerful & transforming Sacred Space & Presence for individuals & groups. This has been his life's work for many years. In this Sacred Space you will experience the unfolding of your own true nature & unique gifts. Drawing on his diverse experiences with many masters & traditions, Michael is able to guide groups & individuals in various Pathways to the Sacred, including those that require a more "secular" & scientific approach.


Personal Counseling & Energetic Sessions


Sometimes we just need a little one-on-one! Sessions with Michael integrate counseling, coaching, spiritual direction & help with the Awakening Process. This may include personal energy work, Deeksha, chakra balancing & clearing, Taoist Meditation, Qigong & Energy Healing (called Nui Gung Chi Liao, for details visit, Centering Prayer, Laying on of Hands or simply sharing together in the Divine Presence.


In addition to a doctorate in counseling, Michael has received training & gained expertise in a number of spiritual paths, so sessions can be customized to include personal teaching, training & guidance in various pathways to the Sacred, types of meditation & energy work from diverse traditions.


For nearly 40 years Michael has offered counseling, guidance & energetic assistance to those who are undergoing processes of spiritual transformation, helping people from many paths flow with the effects of the awakening process, including spiritual emergencies, kundalini crises & integration. Michael is specially trained & empowered to help with kundalini related issues & side-effects of energy shifts.


Cost: $70/hour. I want to help as many of those who need it as I can, so if this would be a hardship for you, I am happy to accept a donation you are able to afford as an alternative. If your heart moves you to give more, this would also be gratefully accepted. The donations will go to help the Flowering Heart Center.


To schedule a Personal Session by phone or in person contact:


Rev. Dr. Michael Milner, PhD

(727) 686-3912


NOTE: To schedule a personal session to take place during a Satsang visit to your community, please contact our Event Coordinator, Patti Rondolino (contact info above).

Click Here to read Michael's Biography


Watch a Video of:

Michael's Oneness Journey




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Session with Michael $70/hour



Use this button to choose the amount you wish to give.



Your tax-deductable donation is appreciated!


Or send a check or money order made payable to:

"Flowering Heart"

300 Feather Tree Drive

Clearwater, FL 33765



Group Satsangs


"Satsang" is a group of brothers & sisters coming together to share Truth, Love, Grace & Fellowship in the Divine Presence. When we connect together in Sacred Space, opening ourselves to the Divine Power & Presence, acknowledging & CELEBRATING the truth of our Mastery & our true Divine Nature, miracles are possible & everything unfolds spontaneously. In Sacred Space, everyone is equal, we are all One, separation has ended & Mastery has begun!


Drawing on Michael's expertise & sensitivity to many spiritual traditions & pathways to the Sacred, Satsangs are customized for each community to use language, symbolism, guidance, meditations & energetic transmissions appropriate for that particular group.


Michael has a gift for synthesizing diverse paradigms & pathways to the Sacred, varieties of meditation & energy work from a number of traditions, including but not limited to: Taoist (meditation, qigong & energy healing), Hindu (meditation, kundalini & chakra work), Mystical Christianity (Christ Consciousness, contemplative prayer, spiritual gifts & illuminated insights from Scripture), Oneness (Deeksha, non-denominational teachings, transmissions & processes from the Oneness University) as well as New Age, secular & scientific approaches.


Michael would be happy to hold a Satsang in your city for your community for 2 hours, an evening or an entire day. Let's talk about it. While he is with you,  as time allows, it is possible to schedule private counseling & energetic sessions with Michael (see below). If  Suzanne accompanies him, she offers private Healing Sessions for individuals (for details click here).


The cost for group meetings is usually from $20-30/person (for 2-3 hrs) to $100 (for an entire day) depending on the venue we use & the length of the event.







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