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Sacred Chambers

(3 Chamber Process)


A Divine Space for Healing

and Spiritual Transformation

An extraordinary Phenomenon has just been released across the planet where people can experience their Divine in a very physical and tangible way for the purpose of healing, awakening, and miracles.

Sacred Chambers consists of 3 Sacred rooms / chambers where you connect directly with Divine Consciousness allowing your Divine to bring about profound Healing and Transformation in your life.

First Group Trained & Initiated to open Sacred Chambers and to offer 3 Chamber Processes

Nemam Campus, Dec. 24, 2013



What is the Sacred Chambers Process?


The Sacred Chambers Process is a deeply sacred opportunity to have a profound experience of communion with your own Divine. It involves a personal journey through 3 very sacred rooms.
The first chamber is for introduction and contemplation. The process begins powerfully here, in a small group  (probably no more than 5 or 10 people), as you look deeply into your own inner qualities that either connect you, or keep you separate from your Divine.
One by one, each member of the group will enter the second and then third chambers. The presence of your Divine will strongly guide you, and your experiences here will be entirely unique just to you.  
The second Chamber is a very sacred place where astonishing healing miracles can happen on all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 
The third Chamber is a place where your God may manifest very powerfully to you, where you can ask for Awakening, Transformation, God Realization, or whatever it is that will answer the dep longing in your heart. 
You should allow time for the whole process to last at least 4 hours.  Timing will vary depending on group size, and the winds of Grace.   When you have finished with Chamber 3, you will continue to integrate in Chamber 1 while the rest of the group takes their turn.  
Ideally you should plan to continue to be in a state of quiet contemplation for the rest of the day and evening, for best results.

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

When will the Sacred Chambers Process be available at your center? The Sacred Chambers at our center in Clearwater, Florida are now open.

Do I need an appointment? Yes! You must make an appointment in advance. To make an appointment go to to

Should I come all the way to Clearwater Florida to experience the Sacred Chambers? You would be welcome, but you do not need to come here, if you do not live close to us.  There are MANY other people facilitating for the Sacred Chamber Process  throughout the USA, Canada & the world.  There is probably someone close to you.

An official list of those offering 3 Chamber Processes in the USA & Canada together with contact information, so you can make an appointment with them, is published on the official Oneness USA/Canada website at  or

If you live in another region of the world outside of the USA or Canada,  you need to contact a local Oneness Trainer or your country's Oneness Guide for this information.   

How much will this process cost? There is absolutely NO COST to go through the Sacred Chambers. This is a gift to Humanity from the Divine. To facilitate the process at no charge is a privilege for all of us and an opportunity for us to do seva.
"The highest of states is the state of seva (selfless service offered to the divine). The spirit of seva is in-built into every insight, realization, mystical experience and mukti (liberation, freedom). It is the spirit that drives you to share with the world what has been given to you."  – Amma


"White Lotus on Blue Water" uAsed with permission from Artist Paul Heussenstamm


Sacred Chambers - 3 Chamber Process

at Flowering Heart Center, Clearwater, Florida

300 Feather Tree Drive

Clearwater, FL 33765

You must make an appointment in advance. To make an appointment and for all details and instructions (times, dates, what to wear, what to bring, etc.) go to:

IMPORTANT - Parking at Flowering Heart: Since this will be at the Flowering Heart, which is in a residential neighborhood, we need all of you to help with parking. We would like to have most of the cars park around back. If you are not familiar with the layout here, there is a rear entrance at 231 Tulane Avenue. We are at the dead end, last driveway on the right. Just pull in and park in the back. We would like to minimize any conflicts with our neighbors with the large volume of activities we have going on here, so please work with us. Thank you!

Click Here for a Google Map to our Rear Parking Lot

231 Tulane Avenue, Clearwater, FL 33765

We are at the dead end, last driveway on the right.

(Please do not go into the neighbors driveway at 227 Tulane)



Hotel Accommodations


Click Here for a list of Hotels within 3 miles/ 5 minute drive to Flowering Heart Center



Read Michael's Experience of the Sacred Chambers in India Click Here




For a Complete List of Sacred Chambers

located in the USA & Canada go to:


Use the links provided there to schedule a time to attend this process at any location other than Flowering Hear Center. If you live in another region of the world outside of the USA or Canada,  you need to contact a local Oneness Trainer or your country's Oneness Guide for this information.